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ruler of the sky Rhyniognatha - The Sky Giga / Flying-Water War Mount


Welcome to my post! I hope you enjoy my concept and ideas, based on the oldest insect known, the Rhyniognatha!

It's meant to add an original style of creature by using a type almost fogotten in ARK, the insects! It's also a way to make the sky more dangerous even if you already tamed a flying mount! Also, once tamed, it turns into an end-game mount! I'll elaborate with these images about its design, skills, motorcycle saddle, among other stuff! Please feel free to share your thoughts, or suggest any change or feature in the comments! 



Even if several features are removed, I'd be happy if it keeps the air-water versatility and the motorcycle saddle. The main purpose of this creature is to make ARK's skies actually dangerous and to make an all-terrain stylish mount!

Also the art took me a lot of time...





































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Updated data and art.
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Welcome to my post! I hope you enjoy my concept and ideas, based on the oldest insect known, the Rhyniognatha! It's meant to add an original style of creature by using a type almost fogotten in A

Honestly, this already gets my vote because it is way more original than suggestions like "yet another theropod".

Now I have added art with the creature announcement style! 

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Glad to see this suggestion getting a second chance with the new creature vote. It really didn't get the time to shine last time with how late it came out.


That being said, as great as this suggestion is, my complaints still carry over from the last time I saw this.


Taming method is to convoluted, scaling with taming effectiveness is entirely too low (Rexes should be 90% minimum), and breeding tamed ones is overcomplicated (especially now with Wyvern and Rock Drake breeding).


Other than that though? This thing is hella awesome.


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Wildcard should hire you to design creatures for them. If not double checked, I'd thought this was official.

This covers two things the game seriously needs, a huge bug and dangers in the sky. The design is hella awesome (saddle included), not to mention it's not just a huge triceratops or yet another theropod.

I'd make the taming easier and apply the changes Umber0010 said. 

You have my vote.

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As someone else said, its to OP.  It cant be a giga in combat, a master gatherer, all terrainer, and speed demon.  Also 2 of your designs are flawed.  Something that apex wouldnt need or have the eyespots to scare things(Tusos get attacked by things too so mimicing 1 isnt really going to help).  The squid swim isnt very fasy and the legs of an insect arnt designed to move in water...It be slow as F mimicing a Tuso like that.  The only way it would gain speed is if it could use its wings/covers to propel itself.

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I feel like this has way too much. Especially since, based on what is described, it'd actually be the absolute strongest creature in the game. For it's size, it'd have equal stats which would be around wyvern levels of stats or higher. It also, unlike any other creature, can fly, walk and swim which means you can't escape no matter what (and it'd be hell on PvP). For aquatics, the fact it can grab them means that *anything* under Plesi sized is ultimately going to get one-shot due to being dragged to the surface with the only solution being to remove water grab or completely overhauling how aquatics function. It also finally reduces Quetzal's already nearly useless niche into nothing by being able to grab bigger than Quetzal and more than Quetzal. In it's current state, it is a hard counter to almost every Ark creature along with being way too big. One thing WC usually sticks to is keeping creatures around the same size scale (Rex is bigger than Allo who is bigger than Carno, etc.), with exceptions, though none of those exceptions went from less than 5 inches to about 120 feet long.

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This is by far my favorite creature in this vote, I'm really into the idea of adding an apex insect creature, since the only thing close to that by now is Karkinos and I think we can all admit that the giant crab of Aberration isn't the best fighter nor an apex. This creature would really spice things up and mess with the meta. The only complaint I have for it is the part that you wouldn't be able to tame Rhynios that are higher level than you. This surely won't be an issue on official severs, but many, if not most, unofficial ones have higher level cap to, for example 180 wild max level, which means that players couldn't tame a max level Rhynio unless they've done all the ascensions, chibi levels and collected all explorer notes. In my opinion, that could be a possible issue, but apart from that, I'd be genuinely thrilled to see this creature in the actual game.

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It has another natural weakness to the Megatheriums, because it's made from chitin.  Also, the soon to be introduced Sinomacrops will also be a weakness against the Rhyniognatha.  Both get a huge rage buff against anything with chitin. Also, it should not be allowed to carry water creatures our of the water and insta-kill them!  That's to over powered! 

Dossier Megatherium.png

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