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Desmodus Draculae: The Giant Vampire Bat!



The onyc in ark is cool and all... but I've always wanted to fly a giant bat. So here's my take!1402972166_Jamesboth(1).thumb.jpg.979bf84c3d12be6b431d77b953d79692.jpg

The idea was to try to add a flyer with good pvp and utility abilities. I hope you like!

(This is not my art work. Fan made dossier. All credit to original artist.)

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3 hours ago, Zorafoxx said:

I don't know where you saw that. Maybe you read 20 inches and not cm? 

Wiki says 50cm, and so does these websites:



And no rule says that "much larger" is at max 2x. Just look at the new dinos coming up, we have a Amargasaurus that shoots elemental spikes and a Sinomacrops with butterfly-like mimicry in its wing pattern. Dinos from the Ark are supposed to be genetically modified and there is no set limit to what those modifications can be 

U know suggesting 50 cm's does not mean it was actually that big everywhere it says max 30% larger and you just have to search it up 

Im not saying that there is a limit but if you look at the sizes of things that wildcard made the biggest might be the giga if its really 30 meters idk but this compared to that is still a fantasy animal but lets go with 50 cms with 4 meters (there are even vultures near 3 meters)

This thing is allready 8 times bigger and it still cant lift shid up

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2 hours ago, Zorafoxx said:

Dude, please stop 😅 I don't want to flood the topic with this pointless discussion. You already gave your opinion, it's was just based on wrong data, still you have the right to still stand by what you said but it's only Wildcard who can decide if this would fit the Arks or not. But if you really wanna insist on being right here...

I provided YOU with sources about it being a 50cm wingspan. "You just have to search it up", I already did and what you said doesn't check out. I'm still giving you the benefit of the doubt but you haven't done anything to prove me wrong, send me actual sources for what you are saying if you are so sure of it. You said you read it on the wiki, but wiki says 50cm too. The wiki does say that they were 30% larger than the common vampire bat, but they either mean in size or body mass, not wingspan. And yes, those are different. (You can be sure that they don't mean wingspan though, because on the same article they state the wingspan as 50cm). 

And no, real-world gigas weren't 30 meters. Longest specimen they found was around 12/13m from head to tail. So probably even less for actual height. Much less than 30m, that's for sure. 

It really isn't a big stretch to make a subspecies of Desmodus draculae that is able to carry a surivivor and still be based on a real world animal. I already gave you tons of examples of this happening with other Ark creatures but you know what the most similar example? Just look at Lymantria. They created a subspecies for it for Ark to justify its bigger size, yet it's still considered a real world creature. You know what's the wingspan of an actual Lymantria? Between species, it can go from around 30 to 70mm. And even with the size they have on Ark, it's not very realistic that they could carry a survivor on their backs, the wings of Lepidoptera are very brittle. Yet here we are

I can't pm you so i just want to say i know a giga was 13m long i meant in ark I always thought lymantria is a fantasy animal. Asides from that all your links say its suggested to be 50 cms 

But it also says 20-30% bigger as a fact


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