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This post was about Cryolophosaurus, but because of Ark Additions, I have changed the post to be able Guanlong to avoid any hate. Thank you!


Guanlong was one of the first tyrannosaurus dinosaurs and displays primitive versions of many letter dinosaurs like T. rex. It is know as the “Crowned Dragon” and was a medium sized sized carnivore. If this dinosaur were to join ark, it could be a speedy bleeder able to scare away smaller dinos and humans. They could be pack hunters around the size of carno/allo. To avoid similarity to deinonychus, I have given it ability to be a separate dinosaur.


Fear bellow - uses its colorful crest to scare away other dinosaurs and humans with a form of fear roar. Instead of cussing uncontrollable movements, it could debuff and hinder the vision of the target out of pure intimidation.

Killer bite - It’s bite attack deals devastating bleed. This bleed would last a long time, making this creature a hit and run style attacker. This bleed could slow down enemies or even hinder flight. This could be nerfed to make it balanced.

Quill Spin - This is more controversial in my opinion, but it would make a interesting ability. Guanlong could have releasable spines in its feathers across its body. In a violent spinning motion it could release quills at short range. To make it different from velos attack on extinction, the quils could stay in the victim and cause minor bleed. They could be taken out by other survivors. They could also cause torpor.

  Pack Bonus - Guanlong could have pack bonus of around 4. Alpha could use a vibrating call from its crest to improve the speed and flexibility of its pack.

Camouflage - This ability might not be fit for the creature, but it is interesting nonetheless. Guanlong could have a crouch ability and blend into plants. This ability might not be possible to implement but it’s a cool idea.

Special saddle: The saddle of Guanlong could amplify the quils of Guanlong to make them a powerful weapon for torpor damage. They could be as potent as darts, but have a cool down after a certain amount of quils are released. Another ideas is that the saddle possibly generates quils to be used as a new form of dart or a type of narcotic. The saddle could look like metal/hide armor around its body, with slots to shoot out the quils. This could be a mid to endgame saddle.

PvP abilities: So far, Guanlong doesn’t have much PvP potential. But, a interesting idea is strapping different things to its quils, which it could then shoot out at enemies. These could include trackers, C4, smoke or gas bombs, etc. This could create a interesting new meta.


Taming Method

Taming could always be the traditional torpor method, but a cool idea would be reflecting the quils of Guanlong to itself, eventually allowing it to be tamed. If the quils do torpor, you could reflect them until the Guanlong would nock out. If the quils don’t do torpor, they could stun the Guanlong allowing the survivor to feed it for a limited time. This could definitely make taming difficult.

Let me know if you have any more ideas for Guanlong. Again, this used to be Cryolophosaurus but I don’t want to cause harm to Ark Additions  and his wonderful modded creatures.


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Nom : Cryolophosaurus

Espèce Cryolophosaurus glacialis

Ere : Jurassique inferieur 

Régime alimentaire : Carnivore

Tempérament : Agressif


Sauvage : Souvent en meute de deux ou trois, il peut éventuellement être trouvé seul dans le froid ce qui facilite son apprivoisement. Il s'attaque facilement à des créatures plus grosses que lui comme un Tricératops ou un Carnotaurus. Il possède une très grande distance de repérage de 20m autour de lui et alors alerter tous les autres de son espèce pour venir attaquer tout survivants ou créature apprivoiser. Il est extrêmement agressif et peut congeler ses proies à l'aide de son souffle de glace comme la Wyvern du même type ou bien cracher un venin qui dessellera son dresseur de sa monture tout en l'endormant. Sous sa gorge se trouve sa "réserve" de fluide/gel qui se rempli lorsqu'il boit. Ses dent sont couverte de sa salive qui est venimeuse ce qui endort toute entité mordu.


Apprivoisement : Seulement peu de personne réussisse à dompter l'animal en question, du moins peu de gens en sont revenus et en vie. Lorsqu'il souffle sa glace, vous devez lui tirer bien dans la gueule pour que son gel lui revienne dessus et une fois ceci fais, vous pourrez le nourrir avec de la viande à la façon d'un apprivoisement passif.


Dompté : Si vous parvenez à avoir la chance de le dompté, vous pourrez alors le monté tel un cheval ou en l'occurrence un raptor. En lui faisant boire de l'eau bien fraîche, il remplira alors sa gorge de gel/fluide et vous pourrez ensuite crasher sur tous ce qui vous passe devant les yeux. Avec son souffle de glace, il offre aussi une sorte d'amplification de la résistance corporelle à vos dinosaures et créatures apprivoisées. Cette bête est un vrai traqueur capable de vous dénichez n'importe quelle proies, malheureusement si celles-ci sont trop robustes, il ne fera pas vraiment le poids.



Donnée dans Ark :

Capacités : Il possède des capacités impressionnante dont un jet paralysant(r3/c/r), boire(L2/clic droit/L2), un mode "tourelle"(r1/ctrl gauche/ r1) qui permet le souffle glacé, le souffle glacé(r2/clic gauche/r2 avec mode tourelle), et la morsure empoisonné(r2/clic gauche/r2).                                                                                  Lorsqu'il touche sa proie, il va briller à la façon d'un aberrant et va voir sa force et a rapidité augmenté.

C'et un animal joli à regarder et utile pour certain combat, il se rejoins pas mal avec l'environnement nordique et glacière. Un théropode ayant la capacité de cracher de la glace est vraiment sympathique et je voulais vraiment voir les créature du Mod ARK Addition: The Collection! arrivé sur ark dont le Concavenator!


Je trouvais intéressant aussi de rajouté des attribut aux créatures d'un biome en rapport avec leurs biome en question                                                                                              Exemple: un Carno dans un biome neige aurait de la fourrure, dans le sable une sorte de camouflage ou des plaques, etc. un epeu comme sur cette image: 


On remarque que le Brachiosaurus possède des poils sous le cou et sur la colonne vertébrale ce qui peut être intéressant pour les biomes notamment les biomes glacé comme Jotunheim.

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as someone who cant play on fjordur (ps4) this seems like a good idea at a glance. but soon you realise:

1. the first idea makes it a noglin with an AOE

2. both of your ideas make snow bases much more risky. 

3. if i remember correctly, fjordur doesnt have much snow. i feel like the cryo would be more suited for antarctica, the map thats covered in snow. idk if i spelled it right but i think you would know what i mean.

I know this makes me seem like a party crasher but this is a creature I dont think is suitedfor fjordur, especially the second sugestion, that would confine it to that small corner of fjordur.

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I have come to the realization that this wasn’t a good idea. Feel free to not vote for my cryo idea as I don’t want to hurt Ark Additions and I didn’t want to cause any conflict or harm. I only submitted it at the start because cryo is one of my favorites and I play on console so mods aren’t a thing. Sorry for the suggestion. I did submit another Dino, Altispinax, if anyone is interested.

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6 minutes ago, MrBlueDragon said:

I have come to the realization that this wasn’t a good idea. Feel free to not vote for my cryo idea as I don’t want to hurt Ark Additions and I didn’t want to cause any conflict or harm. I only submitted it at the start because cryo is one of my favorites and I play on console so mods aren’t a thing. Sorry for the suggestion. I did submit another Dino, Altispinax, if anyone is interested.

Simple fix! Rename it to something else like monolophosaurus. This is a really cool idea that has potential so just edit the post and change the title to say it’s a (insert medium sized therapodnwith crest)

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8 minutes ago, StrandedAndStoopid said:

Simple fix! Rename it to something else like monolophosaurus. This is a really cool idea that has potential so just edit the post and change the title to say it’s a (insert medium sized therapodnwith crest)

Good idea. I’ll research rn for some other dinos that could work. Thank you!

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I have a hit to a lot of the things here


1.name- just rename it something else, dromeosaurus had a crest and was similar size to the cryo

2.confined to the corner- maybe it goes into shock when it enters a unique environment(the Rockwell region of Asgard with the shadowmanes) it goes into shock because of the color and is overwhelmed.

3.noglin  w AOE- change it to a stun(eel)

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The cryolophosaurus is an aggresive dino and a carnivore

It would spawn in cold and snowy areas and is mostly in packs from 2-3 and in every pack there will be a pack leader

If you want to tame the crylophosaurus you need to damage it under 30% health and give it rhino horns after 1 rhinohorn it wont attack you anymore but its still not tamed.

When tamed the cryolophosaurus will have a cold area around it to incubate eggs and if you put a cryopod in it than it will charge it like a cryofridge but it will become a lot more hungry

For its main attack it will scratch his prey and leave a slow effect for a short time but the larger the dino the higher the slow effect and maybe the slow effect could work on bosses

For its second attack it would fire an ice breath that does small damage but it can slow and freeze his prey and when you hit an ally with the ice breath than the ally will be slowed but it would heal a little 

For its third attack it will freeze its self and the player on it,when its in this mode you cant move but you and the cryolophosaurus will heal and when hit you will only get 50% of that damage while in this mode but it drains a lot of stamina

The cryolophosaurus will have natural ice armor like the shadowmane so you dont need a saddle for it

The cryolophosaurus is more of a support dino so maybe it could be used in boss fights

The cryolophosaurus would be the same size as a carno.


Here is a link on how it could look (credits to the artist)

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On 11/7/2021 at 9:34 AM, RaephClark said:

Gonna change my post since I realized this’ll hurt Garuga’s mods more if it does get voted. His mods feel more legit than anything so I’ll support not voting for creatures he’s already made. 

Changed the Dino and it’s abilities so don’t worry. Same size and fighter type (glass cannon)

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Name: Guanlong

Species: Guanlong feroxodrakon

Time: Jurassic

Diet: Carnivore

Temperament: Territorial


Wild: Territorial, these T-Rex relatives live in packs of 2-6 individuals formed by adults an juveniles, hunting smaller creatures such as Pulmonoscorpios and Dilophosaurus, but they also love to eat Pulmonoscorpius Eggs. The single and beautiful crest on their heads is fragile, only used for display and distinction. Their combat method is quite versatile, using its tail as a whip and biting, but its main combat form is using its tail as support and then hitting enemies or victims with powerful kicks. The worst part is that the claws on their feet are filled with a crippling toxin, causing stricken creatures to become paralyzed after a while.


Taming: As you can imagine, taming Guanlongs is not easy. You need a good armor or at least a strong shield. Otherwise, you will probably be paralyzed and eaten alive. The best strategy is defending yourself with the shield and, when the Guanlong stop attacking to roar, you feed it with Pulmonoscorpius Eggs.


Domesticated: Once domesticated they make good allies. More Guanlongs, better. Together, two groups of 6 individuals can, with a little effort, paralyze and take down bigger creatures such as their cousin T-Rex. With their tail-support mode, they make good rock breakers, lumberjacks, mounts and even meat collectors.



"Dinosaur Revolution" Guanlong



ARK Meta:

Combat: With strong tail, powerful bite and a cassowary and kangaroo mix fighting style plus a crippling poison make them formidable enemies that shouldn't be messed with. Like Dinopithecus, alone they're skittish and can be easilly scared, but in packs they fight against creatures many times their size. Their bite inflict bleed and their tail whip can take down creatures about their size, like Raptors and Deinonychus, and their powerful kicks, if successfully hit, inflict bleed and paralysis debuff.

Utility: In addition to being great fighters, they're also good collectors and farmers of rock, flint, fiber, wood and meat, being fast mounts and pretty good swimmers. Their plumage prevents them and their riders from suffering of hypothermia, making them viable for travelling in icy areas.



"Beasts of the Mesozoic: Tyrannosaur series" Guanlong figure



- Useful for river crossing swimming fast and efficiently, and also for travelling through cold areas thanks to their heating feathers;

- Great base defender, fighting against smaller and annoying creatures like Dire Wolfs and, in bigger groups, big and dangerous beasts like T-Rex;

- Great drop farmers, making their hard taming worth it.



- Cassowaries

- "Beasts of the Mesozoic" Guanlong

- "Dinosaur Revolution" Guanlong

- Puretotokage

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