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Laellynasaura Aquaambulans, the water-walking ornithscian



Laellynasaura is a medium-sized Ornithscian found in arctic regions. They are bipedal and substantially larger than their real-life counterparts, being about three times larger, enough so to be rideable and comparable to an in between of the Pachy and Utahraptor. They are speedy and have a quick turning radius. They are covered in fur and their color palate is usually white or grey with highlights of black and light blue. They are normally passive creatures, but will defend themselves if attacked, they also have a unique reaction to flamethrowers, alight oil and torches, being that of fear. Harvesting their bodies reward fur, raw meat, and hide.

They are tamed passively and by feeding them iced water jars. Their saddle is unlocked at level 50 and crafted in the smithy. They have an incredible ability to run on water, near identically to the real world Basilisk lizard. However, unlike the similar ability that the TEK leggings offer, Laellyenasaura can stop and move at a more controllable pace on the water. They also get a speed and damage buff when in the arctic regions or in/on water, much like the spinosaur. Their fur also is uniquely qualified to hold cold temperatures, making them a semi-natural fridge.


Attack 1: Bite; the Laellynasaura bites the area in front of itself, dealing little damage. Activated by pressing Right Click, LC or Right Trigger.

Attack 2: Back Kick; The Laellynasaura kicks behind it with one leg, dealing medium damage. Activated by pressing Left Click, RC or Left Trigger.

Ability 3: Water-walk; this toggles the Laellynasaura’s ability to walk/run on water. Can be toggled with C, RC or R3

Jump: The Laellynasaura can jump by pressing A, X or Spacebar.

Other: Laellynasaura serve as natural fridges for water containers and berries.



“Common Name: Laellyna

Scientific Name: Laellynasaura Aquaambulans

Temperament: Defensive

Time Period: Early Cretaceous

Diet: Herbivorous


Laellynasaura Aquaambulans is a bizarre little critter found in the arctic regions of the Ark. Despite their bipedal nature, they are most closely related to the Iguanodon. Their feet are specially designed and similar to the Basilisk lizard of South America, allowing them to run on water. Due to their even more specialized feet, they can even just stand or walk on the water. They aren’t very high on the food chain, but their speed allows them to stay ahead of lower predators such as Sabertooths or Direwolves.


After taming these quick and cunning creatures, the ability to maneuver over water is at your command. Their natural affinity for the element, solid or liquid, also makes them fairly useful combat mounts. Their mobility, paired with their fridge-like coat make them one of the best non-flyer transport mounts and can pack a surprising punch if used correctly.”


General Base stat description: 

Health: Low to medium

Stamina: High

Oxygen: High

Food: Medium

Weight: Low to medium

Melee: Low to Medium

Speed: Medium to High



Laellynasaura require very cold temperatures for their eggs to incubate.

Laellynasaura are resistant to Managarmr beams and Ice Amargasaurus quills, while it is immune to Ice Wyvern breath.

Laellynasaura take extra damage from Torches, Flamethrowers, Fire, Fire Wyvern Breath, Fire Amargasaurus quills and Magmasaur attacks.

Laellynasaura’s name roughly translates to Water Walking Laellyn’s Lizard.

The Laellynasaura has four color regions, being its scales, head patterning, stripes, and feathers.

Note: The attached image is a recreation of the real life Laellynasaura. it does not perfectly describe its look in this suggestion.


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