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Citipati regalimaia - Ferocious mother and breeder's best friend!



I'd like to cast my vote for Fjordor on a group of animals that haven't seen as much love as others in ARK, the oviraptorids! Introducing Citipati regalimaia. Reworking my idea from the last vote, I still very much would love to see a very angry adrenaline filled mother rampaging about on the battlefield.

Quick Table of Contents for easy navigation;
1. Dossier
2. (Potential) Abilities and Controls
3. Taming Method
4. Art (pending recolour from last contest)
5. Supplementary Links
6. Other references (in comment below)

Common Name : Citipati
Species : Citipati regalimaia
Time : Late Cretaceous
Diet : Omnivore
Temperament : Loyal

Citipati is quite the peculiar theropod. Standing at a height that rivals Allosaurus, one would expect it to use its formidable looking claws and strong legs to rise to the ranks of an apex predator in the frigid wastes. However, in most cases it simply ignores those around it, and instead invests most of its time with its mate, protecting its clutch of eggs from the harsh environment of this ARK. The bond the mated pair shares is peculiar in that it seems to run far deeper than most other animals I’ve observed. In addition to the normal reactions in the prescence of a mate other animals recieve, they seem to be hard wired to protect their brood. A rush of adrenaline I’ve heard colloquially called “Mama’s Fury” causes them to be able to grapple with far larger threats than creatures of its size, all to protect their young. After all, there’s nothing more powerful than a mother’s love.
Funnily enough, the closest living relative to this good mother is the skittish Oviraptor, which it seems to have a bitter rivalry with. Being such devoted parents, the Citipati are far more alert than the other creatures, and seem to have an immunity to the Oviraptor’s pacifying pheromones. I’ve seen these giants send their theiving cousins flying with a powerful kick, along with any other small creatures, or survivors, foolish enough to cause a commotion near the nest!

Short of the incredibly dangerous task of stealing an egg from the nest, it seems the best way to gain the trust of these parents is to lend a hand. Citipati don’t eat when they sit on the nest, taking turns with their mate to keep their eggs as safe as possible. This means that a seated Citipati tends to be quite hungry, and will happily accept food from humans. However, when their backs are turned to the easy meal, predators will take their chance to steal an egg. One must defend the nest from these pesky foes, but once these are dispelled, your efforts will be rewarded! Both parents will happily follow you home, trusting someone who cares just as much about their young. Once tamed, an Citipati makes the perfect nursery aid, hatching eggs of all species and feeding the newborns. They will also play with the young, imprinting on them so they can grow up big and strong! Interestingly, the protective parental instincts of the Citipati apply to babies of any species, and I’ve heard of tribes utilising teams of Procoptodons to carry babies into the battlefield in the prescence of Citipati, turning a mother’s love into a powerful weapon!


Abilities and Controls
I've considered both applications for PvP and PvE play with the Citipati. Please note these are only potential ideas, and the Citipati’s mechanics could always be balanced according to what would fit official play. Firstly, it would join the maewing as a valueable nursery aid, functioning like a blend of an Air Conditioner and the S+ Nanny, incubating eggs dropped near it, feeding babies too young to eat from troughs and helping to imprint on growing dinosaurs over time. In addition, both wild and tamed Citipatiwill recieve a buff when near eggs and babies, Mama's Fury. This buff will increase their damage resistance and damage output by 20%, and increases their speed and decrease their stamina usage by 10%. Not only will this help in the defense of nurseries from enemy factions trying to kill or steal babies, but it could also synergize with Procoptodons and Maewings, by bringing baby creatures into the battlefield, the Citipati could gain an increase to their combat abilities as long as there are living babies nearby.

In terms of controls :
- Left Click : A claw swipe. Slow, but will hit twice and has a base damage of 40 for each hit. Great for dealing with larger targets or small groups! This can harvest meat.
- Right Click : A powerful kick that deals heavy knockback, the lower the drag weight of the target is compared to the Citipati, the further it gets knocked back. 15 base damage
- C : A simple peck attack, that hits much faster than the claw swipe and is better suited to dealing with singular targets. 25 base damage
- Spacebar : Basic Jump
- X : Roar/Taunt, the Citipati will flare its tail feathers and give a shrill cry
- Passive Buff : The buff Mama's Fury applies to tamed Citipati that have maturing babies or eggs within a certain radius of them. This will increase their damage resistance and damage output by 20%, and increase their speed and decrease their stamina usage by 10%. It will no longer apply if there are no babies or eggs near it
Tamed Citipati can be told to sit via the radial menu, when sitting down, a short animation of it digging a nest plays, and once seated it functions like an air conditioner and incubates eggs, and imprints on babies near it


Taming Method
A creature with such powerful mechanics needs an equally challenging taming method to balance its useful features. Citipati will have two methods of taming, which are described below;
to note, it's intended that the citipati will always spawn in mate boosted pairs, with one seated on a nest structure, and the other patrolling nearby

Passive (mission style taming)
As mentioned in the dossier, the Citipati could always use a helping hand in defending its nest from predators and getting food to eat. This taming method will involve an individual walking up to the seated individual on the nest, and feeding it kibble, meat or berries in order of preference. This will start the taming process. Similar to a megachelon, you will have to continue to defend the Citipati from attacks of oviraptors, troodon, and other egg eaters until they are completely tamed. Taming them in this method only requires you to feed the seated individual, and if successful, both the individuals of the pair will become tame! However, the hungry egg eaters will be relentless at trying to break the nest (rather than attacking the dino itself), and if you fail, both parents will become highly aggressive towards you. Run like the wind!

Upon successful taming, the nest structure will destroy itself so that people don't get both the parents and a free egg out of the deal

Passive (egg steal taming)
Also mentioned in the dossier is the ability to tame a Citipati through stealing its eggs. This method would be different from conventional egg stealing tames, as the egg wouldn't be a physical item in the world. Instead, one must approach the seated Citipati and access the nest like a beaver dam. Taking the singular egg from inside this structure will destroy it, and apply Mama's Fury to both parents, and a huge chase will be in order. Be prepared, as the Citipati will continue to be aggressive even if you die. Once you've successfully stolen the egg, it will proceed much like any other egg stealing tame. This taming method only rewards you with an egg, you can't tame the parents in this way.


Art (Pending recolour)
The art below is from the last creature submission, Lost Island, and is based on a much more sub-tropical living bird, the forest red-tailed cockatoo. I will be updating and recolouring this to a more appropriate wintry fowl inspiration, the Willow Ptarmigan. Keep checking back every now and then!

Supplementary Links
The real world citipati can be found here

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29 minutes ago, Gallimemeis said:

If every Citipati were to get a buff from a nearby baby then bringing babies into boss battles would be amazing

that's the kind of fun and wacky synergy that i was going for when i first thought of the design! I really just like the idea of using unique and unlikely creatures in combination with one another to get an interesting bonus and new way to use the abilities of creatures to your advantage. I'd pay good money to see the looks on the enemy tribe's faces when you roll up to the battlefield with a big chicken and two kangaroos with babies in their pouches

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