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The carcharodontosaurus is one of the few popular large theropods still not added to the game. Being similar in size to a t-rex or a giganotosaurus in the real world at around 12-14 meters this guy would be a great addition to the game. There is a lot of potential when it comes implementing this dinosaur, my favorite idea is to turn him into a less tanky but more agile rex but feel free to come up with you own ideas in this thread.

I see way to many complaints about this dinosaur being a giga reskin (largely because it looks similar) but it all depends on how wildcard implement it. If they give it a lot of different abilities (which they likely will) this guy will both be unique and viable in the meta.


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2 hours ago, Kazaanh said:

And game needs something more dangerous to be faced against.

Oh hello Raptor, Dienonychus, Allo, Rex, GIGA, Carno, Compy, every bug ever, Baboon, Kentro, Argent, Wolf, bear, Deaodon, Wyvern, Mantis, Reaper, bosses, Rock Drake, Griffon, Shark, Ray, Mantis, Pleso, Mosa, bat, seeker, Therizino, Titano, Ravenger, nameless, vulture, Death Worm, Kapro, Sarco, Piranha, Eel, Squid, Jelly Fish, Megalosaurus, Troodon, Andrewsarcus, Anargasaurus, Snake, corrupted creatures, bloodsucker, Magmasaur, Golems, thylacoleo, hyena, sabertooth, Lamprey, Bigfoot, angler, sea scorpion, land scorpion, alpha predators, Jerkish player tribe, snow owl, Ferrox, Megalania, terror bird, hesperornis, seagull, environmental hazards, Dunk, Baslisk, dilo, sloth horse thing, yuty, microraptor, Leed, Bary, Spino, and almost all of Rockwell’s abominations… you’re all looking mighty harmless today 🙄

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images.jfif I think the one the abilities the Carcharodontosaurus should have if it was added is the horror below this below will be it's roar but you hear it from further this below will happen when your going on the creatures turf. The second ability it will have is hunters sense this will show a mist of where a creature was the denser the mist means the creature was just there after a 5 minutes the dense mist will be gone. The ability is a bit weird and i can see problems with it but if wildcard adds it they hopefully will come up with something else or a fix. Third ability is camo the Carcharodontosaurus has scales the will blend in the forests deserts and other places on the new map.

Fourth and last the saddle will have the player on the side for this ability it can shield the player by turning to the side so it takes damage but not the player and these creatures will be a tank, kind of like the acro from the ark additions mod.  I hope this creature gets added

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@Wrexboiiiiigang1337 I'm gonna be honest, I feel pretty bad for you, this one submission alone has caused an absolute warzone of carcharo fans and haters. I see people coming up with creative ideas for this creature only to have them dislike bombed for no reason. One day, my post here has -2 likes, the next day it has 1, next day it has 3, next day it has 0. While I personally don't really want this creature, I feel bad for you with the amount of toxicity this submission has created, and you honestly don't deserve it. I really hope this drama clears up soon so you aren't put under the amount of pressure you have been because of this submission.

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so WC asked for a unique creature that would be added to a new and admittingly unique map (because they keep the portal to another worlds)

an this is the most unoriginal creature to ever exist in ARK, not only it looked like a jeuvie R-giga from a distance, it's literally a Giga if ever get TLC'd (even though the Giga is the most OP creature as of now, tbh it needs a nerf)

if this get voted not only it makes Rexes useless, it also makes Allos, and even Gigas themselves useless

i rather #VoteUnique and #VoteOriginal, no more re-skins

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While I really like Carcharo, and it's actually my favorite dinosaur, this creature is more of a want than a need, and everything else in the top 10 is more needed in the game than Carcharo. A 4th bossfigher theropod could be nice, but we should focus on something different. Bison and Silvatherium are much-needed mammals, and a new large herbivore such as Silvatherium, Titanoceratops, or even my Meiolania, would also be great to have.

However, I do actually have my own fully-complete Carcharo concept some people here might like. This concept is more of a "what if" than an "add this to the game" type of concept. I tried to balance this creature out as much as possible as to not overthrow any ingame large theropods. Here is the concept:



Wild: Carcharodontosaurus is a fearsome predator and a somewhat rival of Tyrannosaurus, Spinosaurus, and Yutyrannus. While the four of these apex predators don’t meet often, they usually only battle for superiority or simply for competition, and would rather hunt together than each other. Carcharodontosaurus, however, are highly aggressive towards humans, and could kill you faster than you could say its name. This is because of its razor sharp teeth capable of slicing through flesh and armor, which makes prey vulnerable to other attacks. This bite combined with the brute force of a Tyrannosaurus makes for a devastating hunting duo. Carcharodontosaurus usually attack sauropods, ripping huge chunks of their flesh out and eating them alive.


Tamed: Carcharodontosaurus may not be as fast as Spinosaurus, strong as Tyrannosaurus, or as bulky as Yutyrannus, but it can hold its own in each of these fairly well, making Carcharodontosaurus a very balanced multipurpose tame. Carcharodontosaurus also functions as an anti-tank, hindering defenses and ripping through larger foes.


Ingame Info:

Tamable: yes

Ridable: yes

Saddle: Carcharo Saddle (lvl 75) 

Breeding: yes

Egg: Carcharo Egg (Exceptional Kibble) 

Poop: large

Size: Extra Large 

Diet: Carnivore

Group: Dinosaurs

Temperament: Aggressive 

Torpor Immune: No

Stats (lvl 1 tamed):

Health: 1000 (Rex has 1100) 

Stamina: 400

Oxygen: 150

Weight: 450

Melee: 58 (Rex has 62) 

Speed: 1500 (Spino has 1717 for comparison) 



- RT: Cutting Jaws: Lowers enemy natural armor by 25% for 10 seconds. Debuff is replenished each time you attack, but does not stack. 

- LT: Flesh Ripper: Carcharo rips a chunk of flesh out of the foe. Carcharo must chew for 20 seconds before attacking again. The attack itself does 80 base damage, then the foe will bleed out 20% of their health over 20 seconds, while Carcharo heals 25% of the health lost from the bleed while chewing. This attack will only work on certain creatures, and creatures that aren't affected by the attack only take The base damage and nothing else. These are the creatures this attack works on:

All sauropods





- RS: Booming Roar: Massive knockback to anything not bigger than it. Does less knockback to heavier dinos. 



80% Weight reduction (All Meat, Pelt) 


Found: Rare, Mountain, Desert, Highlands 


Maps: All but Abb


Taming Method: Let it bleed/wound your dinos. 


Favorite Foods:

Watching your dinos suffer


Drops (when killed):

Carcharo Tooth


Raw Meat 

Raw Prime


Fits Through: Behemoth Gate 


Grabbed by: Tuso, Skiff

Trapped by: Large Bear Trap, Chain Bola


Damages up to:




R-Carcharodontosaurus (rockwell)

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Just another opinion - not in any way attacking the credibility or ideas of the OP because I believe I understand why many are passionate about this creature submission.  Some players love the giga and would like an alternative or variant. 

I think Ark would be a much more interesting game if the giga was removed or nerfed enough to match the fossil record better - more rex scale.  I guess it would only make sense to have if there were specific situations in which you might choose a rex vs a scaled-down and nerfed giga. 

At least with my experiences since 2016, Ark is a lot of fun when there is struggle and I am required to make good decisions about where to go and what to bring.  The moment that I would take down and tame a giga, most of the challenge and good decision making melts away and the game transitions to a different kind of game.  So I now actively avoid using gigas (and other OP tames like wyverns, manas, etc).  I like encountering them in the wild, because I am then forced to have to make good decisions.  Many of us play for different reasons and make the game suit us to our own tastes.

So if the community picks this one, I totally get it.  Theropods are cool, and more of a cool thing can't be bad.  I would enjoy seeing them in the wild, testing my strengths and choices in battling them but would avoid taming and raising them if they are too overpowered.   

For a new creature, I personally would like something more subtle but unique to fill come niche role.  I wouldn't mind seeing a classic prehistoric mammal, or adding some more diversity to swimming creatures, or maybe something from the Permian period.  I think the most unique idea that I have seen here is some kind of primitive human, like NPC Neanderthals that you can battle and raid or form alliances with.  That would be a game-changer for all of the game modes.  Again, just another opinion: I am totally cool with those that have the carchar as their top choice: Theropods are cool. 

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lets be honest here, everyone who wants the carcar just wants another big theropod to run around with. I dislike the idea of a new theropod because it will just make others even more useless. I would rather the allo ir giga get a tlc to bring it in line with new dinos.

Allo-bad, very bad. even its bleed is bad now that so many other dinos have it.

Giga-Ugly, looks like a toy

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