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The carcharodontosaurus is one of the few popular large theropods still not added to the game. Being similar in size to a t-rex or a giganotosaurus in the real world at around 12-14 meters this guy would be a great addition to the game. There is a lot of potential when it comes implementing this dinosaur, my favorite idea is to turn him into a less tanky but more agile rex but feel free to come up with you own ideas in this thread.

I see way to many complaints about this dinosaur being a giga reskin (largely because it looks similar) but it all depends on how wildcard implement it. If they give it a lot of different abilities (which they likely will) this guy will both be unique and viable in the meta.


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As much as I love carchar, I feel like any mechanics associated with it would be much better used as a Giga TLC. Carcharodontosaurus is just too similar to gigantosaurus, they're very closely related, and with giga and many other large theropods in ark already, I feel like there isn't really as much of a unique place in the meta for yet another on top of the rest of them.

In addition, it really just doesn't seem to have as much thought and creativity behind it as the other top designs, which is a shame since so many people love it, yet there isn't really a clear unique idea that sets it apart

Seeing as carchar has won second place in the vote and is coming to ark, I may as well put my unique idea for carchar in here, on the off chance it gets seen:

My idea for carchar would be to play off the "shark" part of the shark toothed lizard, and make it like a land great white shark. It'd go into a frenzy and do more damage to creatures affected by bleed, and would be able to track creatures for some time even after they stopped bleeding, however, it doesnt do bleed itself.

This is because I feel there's an extreme lack of creatures in ARK that play off the abilities of others in a dynamic and interesting way. I feel like bleed has really lost its charm, as now so many creatures just given it, and nothing new or interesting is added, so it'd be really interesting to see a creature that is powerful, but can become even more so when used correctly in tandem with other creatures. For example, with the bloodhound/shark carchar idea, one could;

- Use a pack of bleeding creatures in tandem with a carchar to bolster its attacking power

- Use a small, fast creature like a megaloceros (which does bleed to players only) or deinonychus to tag a fleeing player, which can be tracked down by your carchar to prevent escape

- Trade out the usual rex rush strategy in boss fights with a mix of carcharodontosaurus and deinonychus, using the heavy bleed damage AND the increased attacking power of the carchar to the boss

This idea is just one example of a unique and interesting way the carchar could be taken, and I excitedly/anxiously await to see what the carchar will bring to the world of ARK! I'd hate to see such a cool dinosaur go to waste with a mediocre/boring ability

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carchar won the vote, contributing a unique idea for the creature
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lets be honest here, everyone who wants the carcar just wants another big theropod to run around with. I dislike the idea of a new theropod because it will just make others even more useless. I would rather the allo ir giga get a tlc to bring it in line with new dinos.

Allo-bad, very bad. even its bleed is bad now that so many other dinos have it.

Giga-Ugly, looks like a toy

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Common Name: Carcharodontosaurus

Species: Carcharodontosaurus Multidentes

Time: Middle Cretaceous

Diet: Carnivore

Temperament: Aggressive



Larger than most predators on the Ark, Carcharodontosaurus Multidentes adapted some interesting features in its anatomy and behaviour: first of all, it developed a bizarre hump on its back to support an extremely strong muscle mass, covered by a thick hide capable of withstand even Giganotosaurus bites. In fact, even though Carcharodontosaurus is a lone predator, it will  occasionally be joined by two specimens of its own kind and hunt down a Giganotosaurus, something no other creature on the Ark would ever dare. My theory is that Carcharodontosaurus serves as a natural "balancer" to keep Giganotosaurus from getting too prevailing.



Taming a Carcharodontosaurus isn't an easy task at all, but those who can overcome such a challenge will be rewarded with a most valuable mount, capable of unleashing astonishing powerful bites, so powerful to break all of its jagged teeth (fortunately for it, they grow back really fast). Thanks to the special shape of its back, this creature can be equipped with a multiple-seated armored saddle apt for carrying heavy load and siege weapons. Survivors can trust their Carcharodontosaurus to make them fearsome warriors, but they might want to protect their mount when its teeth are broken. What’s more, survivors made the unfortunate discovery that the very same hide that protects Carcharodontosaurus by Giganotosaurus fearsome bite, seems to be rather vulnerable to Spinosaurus conical teeth and hooked claws.



Tamable:YES (see taming method)

Rideable: YES (Hide Saddle lvl 80, Metal Saddle lvl 90)

Breedable: YES (Egg)

Fav food: Raw Prime Fish Meat

Size: between Rex and Giga, Rex arrives at the high of carca’s hip


STATS (just for having a wide idea):

Health: 5300

Stamina: 410

Oxygen: 150

Food: 3500

Weight: 1200

Melee Damage: 100...1000 / 10

Torpidity: 5000



LC: Bite, 100 dmg, hold for charging “Ultra Bite”, 100 to 1000 dmg (longer you charge, harder it hits), every 20 hit (variable number depending of how many charged attacks you do and how much you charged) it will start the “Teeth Grow” cooldown.

RC: Look forward to get a hedbutt, look at your back to get a tail swipe. 10 dmg, great knockback. It’s not prevented from “Teeth Grow” cooldown.

(C): Roar, prevent sprinting, reduce attack speed, reduce visibility. It’s not prevented from “Teeth Grow” cooldown.

Space: stomp, 100 dmg, great AOE, works only against small creatures. It’s not prevented from “Teeth Grow” cooldown.



-during “Teeth Growth” cooldown, you won't be able to use Bite Attack (LC) .

-“Giga hunter”: it activates when your carca is near an enemy giga,every damage that your carca deals to the enemy gigas is 500% more effective, meanwhile it will take only the 20% of the damage from the enemy giga attacks.

-“Spino fear”: it activates when your carca is near an enemy spino, every damage that your carca deals to the enemy giga is 75% less effective, meanwhile it will take 400% damage from the enemy spino attacks.



For Taming this monster you will have to fight it, literally. Take your shield and get ready to parry its attacks. the more it will hit you, more teeth will loose and more torpor it will get (since it consumes energy to regrow them, it will get soon tired and you can figure it out the rest). Obviously, higher the level, more hits you will have to parry, so prepare some extra shield, or some really good ones. Once it is knocked down you can feed it with its favorite food (fish) as a normal KO taming.



Just for saying two words about where you can find it, you just need to know that it spawns or in proximity of water in temperate/arctic areas, or around gigas in group of three (they will probabilý aggro to the giga for taking it down).



I started doing some research about classifications, taxonomy, paleobiology and so on and so forth about Carcha to see whether it had any relatives who could give me some inspiration for the design and guess what I found....

Acrocanthosaurus and Concavenator.

Consequently, I decided to give Carca a sail-like thing.  But I didn't want to make it just a sail.

So I remembered the brilliant idea they had for the design of Acrocanthosaurus in Jurassic World Extinction: Acrocanthosaurus sail is an elongation of the vertebrae, So what did they think its purpose was?

Among several mammals, if you think of bears and bison, anatomical structures like that are used as a support for strong back muscle, resulting in a thick muscular hump.

Yes, a hump. A hump with big and powerful muscles, in fact the Acro from JWE is famous for being the “Big Chunky Dino”, and so my Carcharodontosaurus will.

Another detail that inspired me is a particular paleobiological speculation about Carcha. It was a terrestrial predator that probably lived in the swampy areas of Cretaceous northern Africa, so I suppose it may have used to occasionally feed on fish. What animals are vaguely similar to that, nowadays? Bears. And bears have the hump. It's a connection kinda made up out of nowhere, but the two things match.

So, I made the hump big, I made it muscular, indeed, the whole body is muscular (head, neck, back, tail included). Then, what can it be used for? Well, first of all it can hold a lot of weight, but let’s talk about something you will find interesting: the saddle.

Its strong back can hold a heavily armored saddle with covered side seats (like Diplo’s saddle) to protect both passengers and dino from enemy turret projectiles or to stunning creatures like Micros. Every hit from guns and turrets will deal more or less 1 dmg to the dino while both rider and passenger can be safe from everything. Finally, with the saddle you can craft any advanced weaponry with few resources from both Smithy tear and Fabricator tear.

Anyway, I added an earlier level hide saddle for PVE players: it has no passenger seats nor as much armor as the metal saddle, but you can use it as a complete smithy (like with Argy Saddle).

And we're only halfway there

For some reason a good piece of the community love the play of the words by his name (lizard with shark teeth) and think of it as a walking shark, or a swimming rex. On the other hand there are those who don't agree with this “interpretation” (I’m one of them). Anyway I tried to find a compromise, including this well known feature of sharks to rapidly change their teeth, and here’s how. while attacking with a primary bite, a bar (similar to shadowmane one) will fill up. When the icon is filled the carca won't be able to attack for the next 20 seconds. that’s because it broke all its teeth and now they have to regrow. let’s say that this “Teeth Grow” cooldown activates every 20 hits but by holding the attack key  you can charge the bite, longer you hold, stronger will be the bite (with a spam from 100 to 1000) but in the meanwhile it will “consume” more hits (a differently colored bar will showcase you how much its you will consume) for a maximum of 10 hits . If not fully filled the bar will restore passively allowing you to attack more times without stopping (obviously, if you spam, the bar will fill up quickly).

But the carca does not remain helpless during the “Teeth Grow”  cooldown.  In fact it can headbutt on his enemy, this attack actually doesn't hurt so much but has a lot of knockback, useful for defending itself. you can easily space a Rex by a few meters. if you activate this attack while looking at your back it will do a tail swipe with the same effect of the headbutt

Then I wanted to introduce a terribly loud roar and a stomp attack. The roar is so loud that enemies won’t be able to run and their attack speed will be critically reduced, finally if you are next to enemy players their HUD will be filled with red veins, reducing the visibility. The stomp otherwise works as an AOE attack that deals the same damage as the bite but only to small creatures (using it with allo-sized or larger animals is useless, but you still can use it even during the “Teeth Grow” cooldown).

Finally, Carca has a passive buff and a passive nerf.

It only takes 20% of the damage from enemy gigas and at the same time he can deal to them 500% stronger attacks.

On the other hand it can deal only 25% of the damage to enemy spinos while taking a 400% harder damage from their attacks.

It has 3 color regions (body, spots, belly) with several colors for each one. Wild carca can spawn with all the combinations that you see and even more (for not talking about the mutation). The pattern resembles the one from Jurassic Park Building, but also from a few paleo arts and from that old fan made dino dossier.

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On 11/6/2021 at 11:33 PM, CookieNinja50 said:

A vampire life drain ability would be cool where they rip chunks of meat off living creatures to get a burst of healing.

A nice idea, but I feel like it is better suitable for other creatures. Mabe they could add this big bird called the Argentavis and give this ability- oh wait.

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@Wrexboiiiiigang1337 I'm gonna be honest, I feel pretty bad for you, this one submission alone has caused an absolute warzone of carcharo fans and haters. I see people coming up with creative ideas for this creature only to have them dislike bombed for no reason. One day, my post here has -2 likes, the next day it has 1, next day it has 3, next day it has 0. While I personally don't really want this creature, I feel bad for you with the amount of toxicity this submission has created, and you honestly don't deserve it. I really hope this drama clears up soon so you aren't put under the amount of pressure you have been because of this submission.

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Ok, too many people want Carcha and really is a cool one, but let's be honest: It's just a Giga TLC. One more big theropod make the other ones less used. We have so many options, but I don't think Carcha is a necessary one. We also have Additional Creatures Carcha, so we should give a chance for other creatures. Sorry to the OP for saying it, but we can't say it's not the truth.

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Since 2016 there is a need for a creature that, however fortified they may be, can attack enemy bases very easily, but, above all, that can be a worthy opponent of the Giganotosaurus, despite being slightly smaller than the Giga. This is why I wanted to offer the community an endgame creature that can meet these needs. I present to you my version of the Charcarodontosaurus.





Species: Charcarodontosaurus Saharicus

Time: Lower-Upper Cretaceous

Diet: Carnivore/Fishivore

Temperament: Territorial/Aggressive


WILD: This large creature, whose name derives from its phenomenal and efficient shark-like teeth, has few rivals on the island, both because it is huge, and because, it seems, it has developed peculiar techniques and defense skills. To explain them better, let's assume that the Charcarodontosaurus is about to face its archenemy, the Spinosaurus, our potragonist cannot count on speed, unlike the Spino, but can count on three factors, its size, its unprecedented bite and its ability to armor itself where it was hit, in fact, armored scales are formed that are anti-bullet and decrease the bite damage by double. Now that we have found that the Spino has not made a good end, we must remember that, fortunately for us, it is not super aggressive, you just have to stay away from it and not annoy it, it is true it is rather slow, but if it catches you you are doomed. Its diet is based on everything that moves, whether it breathes or not, but otherwise it is an animal that roams the plains or near rivers living with its inviolable law: break my tranquility and I break you.



ADDOMESTICATED: Its domestication is not the easiest, both because it is not easy to throw down, and because the maneuver that must be used in the end is a bit complex, but we will get to that later. First of all we recommend the use of the best darts you have, because of its armor it will be essential to have safe and excellent shots, second thing, in the final phase, before running away, it will get angry and will become not only slightly faster and strong, but it will be fully armored and will only aim for one thing, YOU. At that point it will be necessary to shoot the darts in his throat, the only point discovered, at which point she will escape and it will be necessary to intercept him, block him and finish him. Once this is done, you just have to feed it and you will get a creature that reincarnates the concept of end game, will be able both to resist impacts and to select the meat.

ABILITY and MOVESET: this creature has two forms, the normal one, with a semi-fast walk and then the sprint of running and all the basic attacks of large creatures, but some moves will give as accessible as they were for the Shadowmane, such as the tail to chase away enemies from behind, the warhead, in which he will armor his head to give a mighty head to the victims, and a very powerful bite loaded (others to the light one), which will break the bones to the unfortunate, the more it will be loaded, the more it will be strong. These moves with the other shape will be stronger but they will also be slower. The form in question would be the armored one, in which he will be completely invulberable to arrows, bullets and light shots, he will no longer be able to run but at least he will be stronger than before and, in addition to this, he will be able to make a small charge towards the enemy. or a structure. Since this mode is mainly dedicated to raids and bosses, it will be able to slowly break the iron and destroy the rock, while in the free mode it will be useful for the selection of meat.


PHYSICAL ASPECT: Its dimensions are considerable, at the withers it is almost as high as the Giga and the same is true for its length, its shell has a marble white color, but it can also be ebony black or dark red. If the males are the only ones to have the most vivid colors, the females have a greater strength on their side in the presence of spinosaurs. Mutations range from red to green, while their mutated armor ranges from black to purple with the appearance of ram-horn-like scales when transformed.

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People say we don't need more Large theropods, but i say they're wrong. DEAD wrong. This could be the first of the very large carnivores bigger than a Rex but smaller than a giga, great for riding, maybe have the ability to pick up medium sized tames with a similar style to Megalosaurus but larger size and weight limit. 

It's the Shark toothed carnivore so maybe add a bleed out function caused by tames picked up in its mouth and thrashed about similar to the Deinonychus jumping on and ripping off flesh. 

It was a travesty when Dinopithicus stole the win by 1% (300 votes) why deny Ark such a awesome Carnivore when this is a must have, it's been forever since we had a REAL Xtra large sized Apex carnivore added to the game, I'm not counting variants coz those are just repainted old dinos, Wildcard I beseech you PLEASE heed my Plea and bring the Carcharodontosaurus to Ark. 


Thank you. 

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On 11/19/2021 at 4:12 PM, Hypertek said:

You're supposed to come up with abilites, not make Wildcard do all the work. It is only this high because its a big carnivore, my Tyrannotitan is a big carnivore with a cannon on its back, why is that not higher?

You don't have to come up with abilities, the devs are going to make their own abilities for these creatures. A lot of people voted for the Deinopithicus because they wanted it to wield guns, and it doesn't. 

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Just another opinion - not in any way attacking the credibility or ideas of the OP because I believe I understand why many are passionate about this creature submission.  Some players love the giga and would like an alternative or variant. 

I think Ark would be a much more interesting game if the giga was removed or nerfed enough to match the fossil record better - more rex scale.  I guess it would only make sense to have if there were specific situations in which you might choose a rex vs a scaled-down and nerfed giga. 

At least with my experiences since 2016, Ark is a lot of fun when there is struggle and I am required to make good decisions about where to go and what to bring.  The moment that I would take down and tame a giga, most of the challenge and good decision making melts away and the game transitions to a different kind of game.  So I now actively avoid using gigas (and other OP tames like wyverns, manas, etc).  I like encountering them in the wild, because I am then forced to have to make good decisions.  Many of us play for different reasons and make the game suit us to our own tastes.

So if the community picks this one, I totally get it.  Theropods are cool, and more of a cool thing can't be bad.  I would enjoy seeing them in the wild, testing my strengths and choices in battling them but would avoid taming and raising them if they are too overpowered.   

For a new creature, I personally would like something more subtle but unique to fill come niche role.  I wouldn't mind seeing a classic prehistoric mammal, or adding some more diversity to swimming creatures, or maybe something from the Permian period.  I think the most unique idea that I have seen here is some kind of primitive human, like NPC Neanderthals that you can battle and raid or form alliances with.  That would be a game-changer for all of the game modes.  Again, just another opinion: I am totally cool with those that have the carchar as their top choice: Theropods are cool. 

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I just don't understand why everyone thinks it's just gonna be a giga, who says it has to be as strong as a giga? If you want a giga tame a giga, but in my opinion it should be similar tier to rex because we only have three dinos on that tier who are carnivorous theropods, rex spino and yuty but yutys are a little higher on the tier list, Carchars should just be similar stats and taming difficulty to a rex or spino, literally no one said we need a gigas little cousin

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