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The carcharodontosaurus is one of the few popular large theropods still not added to the game. Being similar in size to a t-rex or a giganotosaurus in the real world at around 12-14 meters this guy would be a great addition to the game. There is a lot of potential when it comes implementing this dinosaur, my favorite idea is to turn him into a less tanky but more agile rex but feel free to come up with you own ideas in this thread.

I see way to many complaints about this dinosaur being a giga reskin (largely because it looks similar) but it all depends on how wildcard implement it. If they give it a lot of different abilities (which they likely will) this guy will both be unique and viable in the meta.


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The way i see it making it some speedy crappy rex would not make sense saying as how this thing was the second heaviest or the heaviest terrestial carnivore if you count out spino since it lives in rivers however som1 else did post a suggestion that was pretty good above i would like to build on that 1 5.3khp is a bit weak so i think it should be much higher at around 12k so its not ridiculous in its hp but its not crap 2 i think this creature should do around rex damage aka 300 damage points is 300 damage ingame as 100 is too weak to scale and 400 and 500 would be way to ridiculous that way you can scale the damage up pretty good also this one i think is a must it should be able to grab trop wyvs and zombie wyverns if not all of them if they get to close and clamp its jaws around them doing that super bite attack the other guy suggested just so yoi dont get raptored over by a wyvern every 5 minutes 

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This Dino was a Creature in the Lost Island Creature vote and I think it would be a Great addition. The Carcho would be similar in size to the Giga and Deal Damage either inbetween the Giga and Rex or Similar Damage to the Giga. Maybe the Giga and the Carcho would get a Rivalry buff when near by each other.

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On 11/19/2021 at 4:12 PM, Hypertek said:

You're supposed to come up with abilites, not make Wildcard do all the work. It is only this high because its a big carnivore, my Tyrannotitan is a big carnivore with a cannon on its back, why is that not higher?

You don't have to come up with abilities, the devs are going to make their own abilities for these creatures. A lot of people voted for the Deinopithicus because they wanted it to wield guns, and it doesn't. 

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 I fill like their are so many things you could do with it. It could have such a bad diet that it can breath methane gas which could explode if it touches fire or maybe it could also spoil meat withing seconds of it touching its mouth. This would also mean it’s mouth would have loads of bacteria in its mouth which could kill in a day or two. you could have it as a more fast with lots of stamina dino. This could help out when your trying to get away from a pteranodon on a Rex and it keeps picking you of the saddle.

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Okay this is getting ridiculous, Stop voting for Carchara, we don't need any more big carnivores. Anyone who says otherwise either flies everywhere in game, or is just a small child too young to even be online alone never mind playing ARK at all. It's not even adding any original ideas, people only want it because "Big sharptooth lol!"

Just look at all the other creatures ahead of it, The bison alone is leading with nearly 300 votes! AND it adds something new and original to the game. Then you got the Titanoceratops in second with a lead of over 150 votes, again adding ideas that are new and original! See a pattern here yet? No? Well have a look at our current 3d place lead (as of posting this), The Armadillasuchus with a small but still noticeable lead of over 30 votes... And what's this? It too is is new and original, AND NOT A CARNIVORE! What does Carcara add? Nothing! Nothing that either improves the lives of survivors or would end up replacing another (and debatably BETTER) creature.

And for those of you saying "Oh it can just be on par with the rex/spino", Those two animals are where they are for a damn good reason. Adding yet another big theropod would just throw a wrench in their dynamic and would result in one or the other (or worse both) never being used again. We don't NEED any more big carnivores, period. Full Stop! End of Story. Bye Bye, Cya in ARK 2 where it might not get added either.

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47 minutes ago, Wrexboiiiiigang1337 said:

I see way to many complaints about this dinosaur being a giga reskin (largely because it looks similar) but it all depends on how wildcard implement it. If they give it a lot of different abilities (which they likely will) this guy will both be unique and viable.

I agree with this, especially with the fact that you can't really compare a 5 year old low-quality Giga to a brand-new creature.

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The carcharodontosaurus is a good dino, in the other vote I vote for this dino and I do not win and I hope it wins, in this one the bison sounds good I want the carcharondontosaurus, the other dinos that are winning do not look bad but the Carcharodontosaurus would be a good dino to fight and destroy gigantic houses or bases, and it would be cool if it had an ability that made a strong attack that did triple damage but that would spend half the energy, also that it was in the part of the map that It is called asgard because it would be a very strong dino to almost kill a wild giganotosaurus, which would be a little bigger than t-rex because the jig is enormously bigger than the rex so it would be good if the carcharodontosaurus would be bigger, that it would be three types of carcharodontosaurus one normal, one with feathers and the one that is in asgard, the normal one as normal, the one with feathers would be in the coldest places and that had a different domestication than normal , and the last but most powerful is the one in asgard that you will not be able to tame it but steal its eggs but it will be protected by male carcharodontosaurus because the female is bigger and stronger that happens in the other types of carcharodontosaurus that the females are stronger and The last thing that would be good for the carcharodontosaurus to grow rare flowers with its rockrose

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i feel the carchar should have the following abilities a regular bite that takes longer to get another bite then a rex and its second move is where it takes to stomps or as you might say getting in a stance (both stomps do trample damage ) and grambs the legs of a large legged dino (rex,dronto,giga.carcar,tittano, broodmother,mega p and all titans including king titan.creatures with shorter legs that are out of reach the carchar can't do this move to) then bites the leg and rips off a chunk (much like its suspected they hunted large creatures irl) and this will apply leg broken affect were over 30 seconds movement speed is reduced 75% and bleed for 5% hp. and for the carchar will heal 35% hp over a 1 minute period. and has a 1 minute cooldown in addition the move will do 2x or 2.5x base damage to the creator it attacks with said move. as some might suspect i gt the idea off of the midded indo rex.

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7 hours ago, LordOTFlightless said:

Don't get me wrong I like carcar. But like, the prehistoric world is full of so many weird and wonderful and diverse, and arguably much cooler forms. We really wanna ignore all that in exchange for another big theropod?

Like yeh, it's cool but... what else does it have other than that?

Um it’s could be a counter for giga or something that makes it way less strong plus be able to do boss fights and in addition it’s a fresh new Dino not a 5 year old kids toy looking Dino 

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Well, if this had more idea how Wildcard could distinguish Carcha from Giga, it might have been higher on the list.

What do we know, big meat eaters do sell. I noticed there are some ideas that are reasonable(like picking up creatures like Megalo) too. Where I felt sorry was that OP could tell us how Wildcard could make Carchar different from Giga by giving us his thoughts, rather than just saying "But Wildcard can make it different from Giga!"

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I would like to see a savage blood thirsty carnivore where you have to keep a large supply of food for them.  A vampire life drain ability would be cool where they rip chunks of meat off living creatures to get a burst of healing. Maybe a rage meter that would slowly go up over time and drop when fed, but I feel that might be too giga like. My last idea is a wolf/ snow owl ability where you have preditor vision, but things glow brighter the lower their HP.

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Heres my idea for Carcharodontosaurus, give it a "Giant Chainsaw and Missile Launchers!!!".

Dossier (Wild)
Cacharodontosaurus Sahricus is one of the most unique carnivores I have seen so far. Not only because of its spotted pattern all over its body but also because its one of the most friendly theropods I have ever encountered. It even walks along side with herbivores which most predators would attack. I theorized that the reason why for this strange behavior is because Carchar is not as strong nor as tanky as T-rex. Instead of hunting larger creatures like Brontos or Mammoths, it only goes after small and defenseless creatures like Parasaurs and Dodos. But if a survivor or a rival carnivore attacks a Carchar then of course it will fight back. If attacked by another creature Carcharodontosaurus can return the damage back at the attacker which I like to call the "Reverse Bite".

Dossier (Domesticated)
When tamed, Cacharodontosaurus can be used as a glass cannon. Although it may lack the toughness or the attacking power of T-rex but it makes up for in speed, movability, and weight. Most survivors fit the Carchar with missile launchers on both side of its legs and a giant chainsaw on top of its head. With all of these things on it makes it a good war mount that's ready for battle any day. Both the chainsaw and the missiles do a significant amount of damage to most creatures. Its saddle mite also come in handy for survivors that don't go to war with other tribes as well. The chainsaw can increase the amount of resources by almost triple. It can gather more meat than normal but it can also gather other resources like wood, sulfur, bio toxin, and even element dust. 

Wild (In Game)
Finding a Carcharodontosaurus out in the wild is not so hard for 3 reasons. Number 1, because of its large size, its bigger than a Rex but smaller than a Giga. Its about the same size or even slightly smaller than an Alpha Rex. Number 2, it has colorful spots all over its body similar to a Jaguar. Number 3, in the dossier it mentions that it walks along side with herbivores. Much like the Yutyrannus and Basilosaurus, certain creatures will be accompanying the Carchar where ever it goes because they feel more safe and to protect them selfs from the other predators. The herbivores that can spawn and follow the Carchar would be (Kentrosaurus, Chalicotherium, and Therizinosaurus), up to three or five of them will be following the Carchar. 

The Carcharodontosaurus is a passive tame but you need to be level 85 in order to tame it. Also you need to get rid of or lure the other Dinos away from the Carchar. Once someone is in the process of taming a Carchar you don't need to be worried about accidentally aggro or scaring the Carchar while taming it, you can freely walk beside it until it gets hungry again. Unless of course you accidentally hit it or another creature starts attacking it otherwise you'll have to wait until it calms down. Note that other predators will attack wild Carchar's from large carnivores like Rex's and Spino's to even smaller creatures like Raptor's and Troodon's. 


  • XP Boost: Because of its passive nature it can give an experience boost to other tamed Dinos (just like a Lystrosaurus). The only differences with the Carchar is that you can actually increase the radius of the xp boost if you  have a Lystrosaurus next to it. The more Lystrisaurus you have the bigger the radius of the xp boost becomes, and easier to give xp boot to all of your tamed Dinos at your base. (The maximum amount is 5 Lystros)
  • Bare Back: You can ride the Carchar without a saddle but like the Tropeognathus its true potential is with the saddle. It can still use its xp boost and Reverse bite attack without the saddle. 
  • Reverse Bite: When attacked by another Dino Carchar takes 40% of incoming damage and gives back 60% to the attacker. Note this will not work the same with bullets or other range weapons, the ability only works on other Dinos.  
  • Weight Reduction: 
    • Raw Meat 75%
    • Raw Fish Meat 75%
    • Bio Toxin 75%
    • AnglerGel 75%
    • Sulfur 75%
    • Wood 50%
    • Fungal Wood 50%
    • Organic Polymer 50%
    • Corrupted Nodule 50%
    • Element Dust 80%

The saddle is learned at level 85 and can be crafted in a Fabricator (or in a Tek Replicator). The saddle is crafted with the same Ingredients as the Tropeognathus saddle but with double the amount of resources. But it also requires a chainsaw, a fabricator, and some electronics in order to craft the saddle as well. The reason a fabricator is used in creating the saddle is because the saddle also counts as a mobile fabricator. 

  • Chainsaw: The Large chainsaw is placed on top of the Carchar's head. The chainsaw attached to the saddle can harvest the same resources as the normal chainsaw but double the amount. It also dose double the amount of damage compared to the regular chainsaw. It requires gasoline to power the chainsaw.
  • Missile Launchers: The saddle comes equipped with missile launchers on both sides of the Carchar's legs. It requires Rocket propelled grenades (and Rocket homing missiles) for ammo. Not only dose it do more damage than the regular Rocket Launcher but it can penetrate through multiple wall structures. For example it can go throw five Thatch walls, four wooden walls, and 3 stone walls (same goes for Adobe). However it cant pierce through Metal or Tek walls but it dose do a decent amount of damage to both. 


  • Health: A Carcharodontosaurus whether its a high or low level will have the same amount of health as a Allosaurus or even lower. For example a 150 Carchar will have around 3000 health. It would be the Kaprosuchus of theropods when it comes to health.
  • Stamina: As for Stamina it would have around 1300 similar to a T-rex. 
  • Oxygen: The same goes for oxygen the same stat numbers of a T-rex. 
  • Food: For food however it would have about 31000 food, the reason why for the high food stat is because unlike most creatures in the game it consumes very lowly.
  • Weight: Not that different than a Giga, about 800. But unlike a Giga the Carchar gains a lot more points into weight (if the player chooses to put points into weight). Also unlike the Giga (like mentioned before) the Carchar has weight reduction on certain resources. 
  • Melee Damage: In terms of damage it dose the same amount as a Carno. Also the amount of levels put into Melee has a slight effect on the "Reverse Bite" attack which makes the Carchar a bit more POWERFUL!!!
  • Movement Speed: Finally, as for movement speed it doesn't gains that much points into speed as the Carchar is already fast. It's faster than a Rex even faster than a Allosaurus or Carno. It may rival the Spino (even with the hydration buff in quadrupedal stance) in terms of speed. 


Like mentioned before the Carcharodontosaurus doesn't have that much health so don't think this this is the kind of Dino to soak bullets all day. But also the saddle has a durability bar which means you have to repeat it in a fabricator (or Tek Replicator). However there are other ways the saddle can break quickly or be unusable. 

  • Amargasaurus: It does 30% damage to the saddle. 
  • Arthropluera: It does 50% damage with its acidic spit however if found by the Carchar (or its rider) it can do a significant amount of damage with both the chainsaw and the missiles to the Arthopluera. 
  • Electrical Storms: If the Carchar is transported to the Scorched Earth map the saddle will not work during an electrical storm. 


And that's it, those are all of my ideas for the Carcharodontosaurus. Let me know what you guys think and if you like this then you guys are going to love my other ideas for more Dinos they could also add to the game. 





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people have been wanting this specific one for ages, no wonder this among all other dinos is on the lead. If you're worried about it being another le pile of stats like rex just ask wildcard to don't do that and come up with something new. a quick tip is that this guy is, unlike rex, the actual spinos' real world canon rival that forced them into becoming the """river dinos""" so just there we can already get some niche ideas of being a big-carnivore-theropod counter (in general) that stuns them or whatever

also, gameplay concepts arent necessarily tied to its looks, this guy could have a platform saddle for all its worth, or it could do [very non-niche cool mechanic you think only your fav dino could do] even. There's little limitation to what carcha could be beyond being big and a carnivore. Plus at the end of the day unique stuff can and will be easily overlooked and forgotten - look at pachyrhinosaurus

therefore, just give people the one they have been wanting this whole time. It only lost to dinopithecus because monkey memes became a trend. Insisting on otherwise is contrarianism, and calling people out for not agreeing with you will just make them stray away from you and your opinion

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On 11/6/2021 at 10:53 PM, Wrexboiiiiigang1337 said:

The carcharodontosaurus is one of the few popular large theropods still not added to the game. Being similar in size to a t-rex or a giganotosaurus in the real world at around 12-14 meters this guy would be a great addition to the game. There is a lot of potential when it comes implementing this dinosaur, my favorite idea is to turn him into a less tanky but more agile rex but feel free to come up with you own ideas in this thread.

I see way to many complaints about this dinosaur being a giga reskin (largely because it looks similar) but it all depends on how wildcard implement it. If they give it a lot of different abilities (which they likely will) this guy will both be unique and viable in the meta.


as if there will ever be a Giga TLC.... (that thing needs a complete Rework)

So since there are still enough people who claim that this would just be a smaller giga... let´s think about some abilities. Note, that not all of these are meant to be used together, because there still needds to be some kind of theme.

bleed resistance: people wanted it to be a giga counter, so this would be a necessary passive

Rivalry buff: giving it a buff against other apex predators

Attacks that are not ignoring but more effective agains armor

Secondary attack: ive been thinking about a few. Could be a slower but stronger bite, that rips out a large chunk of Meat from larger prey (gathers extra meat while the victim is still alive) and possibly inflicting a bleed effect (yeah yeah, I know... giga has bleed.. but flesh is ripped out of a still living creature.. how can that not start to bleed?)
Or maybe chewing on a Creature, locking the two of them in place, inflicting constant damage, while the victim is able to attack to break free from it´s bite. or maybe a attack that let´s him enter a feeding frenzy, increasing its speed and attack damage.
or maybe its secondary attack could be scaling up the larger it´s opponent is.

A Special roar: A deep roar, that sends heavy vibrations through the air, shaking every fiber in it´s opponents body. 
possible results could be a short stun, irritated view or draining stamina. 

or why not a special saddle?

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