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pve No Longer Active

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Server Name: GAG Cluster - discord.gg/p6XhdsTbAS - Primal Fear
10 map cluster

Wiped: 12/14/2021

Discord: https://discord.gg/p6XhdsTbAS
*Discord invite must be typed in exactly including upper and lower case letters

Server Direct Connect IP:
Abberation: Steam://connect/
Ragnorak: Steam://connect/
The Island: Steam://connect/
Valguero: Steam://connect/
Extinction: Steam://connect/
The Center: Steam://connect/
Crystal Isle: Steam://connect/ *Boss Summon Map*
Lost Island: Steam://connect/
Genesis: Steam://connect/
Scorched Earth: Steam://connect/

Mod List all servers:
Primal Fear
Primal Fear Boss Expansion
Awesome Teleporters
Awesome Spyglass!
Super Structures
LR Reusables
Dino Storage
HG Stacking Mod 10000
Eco's RP

Server Settings:
Baby Mature Speed 30
Egg Hatch Speed 30
Harvest Multiplier 2
Taming Speed x5 (Tame Helper)
XP 1 (XP potions)
Max Wild Dino Level 300
Boosted Engrams
Bigger stacks on Primal Fear Items
Custom Loot Drops
Dino Wipe every 8 hours starting 12AM EST
Daily Restart at 6am EST
Next wipe! (June 1 2022)

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