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Connecting to a LAN Cluster from the LAN

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I recently (like a week ago) switched from running a Linux server as my internet gateway to an "all in one"  D-Link firewall / ppoe connection/and so on.

Before the switch I had IPTables set-up such that any Ark server that I ran on the network was visible for the Internet, AND from the LAN. When the Ark servers were "clustered", I could join any of the servers and once in I could transfer from one to the with no issue. From either the LAN side or the www side.

Now I can see the servers from LAN side, and join any one of them, BUT transfer between server when joining from the LAN no longer works. Upload & Download of items still works! Also now in the "Unofficial" game browser, my servers are not visible when querying from LAN. A query from www works OK, and joining from www also works as expected - including transfer between maps. Even Steam's server browser when run from the LAN does not see my servers.

I have enabled a "check box" on the router that sez NAT loopback for the Ark port mappings (which I expected to be the solution). I don't know a password for the router to SSH into and see what is really going on.

The router is DSL-G2562DG  - and I am a bit stuck to revert to the linux gateway - the mother board got cooked with damn electrics bouncing up and down with brown outs / load shedding.

Any tips, suggestions, help?

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