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Fear evolved 5. Not that impressive.

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On 10/23/2021 at 4:27 AM, LayDee said:

Yep, not that spectacular but then again, wasn't expecting wonders either.

since they went to the lengths of making a trailer and such for it, my hopes was a little higher than normal.....but I supose with the state of the game currently, yeah. Prolly was expecting too much here.

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21 hours ago, AdligerAdler said:

I'd be fine with just higher rates and the event colored creatures to tame. Don't care much for chibis and event skins.

Well that comes naturally, but since this is the last year for ark 1, there is only a few extra chibi's and skins????

Id thought we would go out with a bang, not a whimper. =/

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2 hours ago, Yggdrassil said:

Last year is optimistic, with wildcards record of updates we have a few years before release yet. I can already see the "We decided to delay the release of ArkII for xx months due to xx reason and deliver the best possible experience"..  

true, but they have been on a closer scheduel for things lately....will have to wait and see I supose, but even if they don't get it done on time like they said they would, it means they really won't be in the mood to work on a new event.

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