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Community Crunch 289: Fear Evolved 5, Community Corner, and More!

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please consider adding a item to allow us to see the stats of gestating baby animals so we dont have to leave out  hundreds of animals for mutations and we can put away the animals that dont have the

Congratulations, whining at the highest level! 😴

What did you expect? Santa Claus? The Easter Bunny? I don't know of any game that reinvents itself every year because of an event. I look forward to it. 3x XP, harvesting, taming, and breeding. A

6 hours ago, JCHooligan said:

Anyone who expected an event to actually be released on the day it was announced for, hasn't played ARK very long. 

no theyre ok at events, and they released the event time a couple days before so i think its just gonna take time/. but your right theyre bad at anything bigger than an event.

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Last year you upped the amount of headstones/scarecrows/pumpkins you got from each spooky pile to a chance of 1-5.  Why has that reverted to 1 per again?  It took me 3+ hours to pick up enough junk to craft four chibis.  And I got a doedicurus, a party rex, and 2 ankylosaurus.  That's really sad.  Can you possibly up the amount of items you get from piles, and the % of getting a new halloween chibi instead of all the old things us veteran players already have loads of?

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