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OSD/Element Vein Rework


Ok so pretty much anyone who has played extinction will know the pain of finishing a defense wave, im talking about how there will be like 2 enemies left that just wont come out of hiding and you have to spend an extra ~5 minutes just waiting for it to either appear or despawn. I was hoping that it would be possible to have a small rework to make that less painful. Here are my ideas:

Having each wave be on a timer- basically how it would be is instead of each wave having a certain amount of enemies that you have to kill, it just increases corrupted spawn rates nearby (and aggros nearby corrupted creatures) for a certain amount of time, that way instead of having to hunt down those last few enemies you just survive until the timer runs out, any corrupted still alive just join the next wave, and if there are any still alive when the defense ends they either become roaming creatures or run away and despawn (like gen hunts) of course that could result in people just surrounding the node with structures but that could be beaten by increasing damage against structures (or it could just end up being that so many corrupted would spawn that they would just beast through)

Another, simpler option would just be to reveal the location of the defense enemies either from the start or after some time (like a more advanced parasaur)

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