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Fear Evolved 5 - What would you like to see this time?

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I really love the Halloween event and since we'll have a detailed announcement next week, in anticipation lets share what features we'd like to see make a return:


1. Seasonal Foliage Change: Fear Evolved 3 is the first event I remember giving us autumn trees on the Island. I would love to see this again, on even more maps!

2. Ghost Skins: I didn't have access to Aberration and Extinction last year, I hope to grab Ghost Reaper, Basilisk and Snow Owl this time around.


Share your own-

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Onyc Megalosaur and Artopleura all over the Map again 🙂

like it was 2017

Black and orange spiders now spawn on the beaches

Megalania, Titanoboa, Pulmonoscorpius, Megalosaurus, Onyc, Arthropluera, and Araneo spawn points changed to various surface points around the map. The creepy crawlies are out to spook!

Skins can now randomly spawn in level 3 supply drops.

Quality of drops increased.

Colder, longer nights and shorter days, brrr!

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Decent graphical performance, matching the platform you are playing on.

As it is now the game on new gen consoles looks like crap the second you are using anything big or fast, dino's at my own base need over 5 seconds to get their skins or even shape, trapping wyverns in traps that only draw after you've flewn through them... In spite of all the updates the game is performing only worse every update since Gen2 launched.

No overcomplicated models that take too long to draw, just simple things that look decent. Please?

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9 hours ago, DeliaHaze20 said:

a skin for the spino it need cosmetic love skeletal tek zombie i dont care i need a skin for him

Yeah I agree with that, I actually posted something up about making a Tek spino with the sail on its back being like a laser field or something between spikes just for cosmetic use tho lol but allowing it to give off light in surrounding area. Could have different colors on the sail laser like the other tek dinos have for their lighted mouths. 

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8 hours ago, Joebl0w13 said:

Game looks and runs great on my XSX. Are you on official servers?

PS5 on official. Framerate is jerky as F since last update.
On solo the same issues with drawing distance.  When I first came to CI the world looked very pretty but now it looks barren: Foliage only drawn at close range, trees only popping up at close range. The world looks like a huge dessert with mountains untill you are getting realy close.

Before the Gen2 update it was actualy improving with most updates so it is kind of dissapointing.

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