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Community Crunch 288: ExtraLife Team Sign-Up, Community Corner, and More!

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The extra life event is going to be completely undermined by the god mode glitch and new item dupe method circulating on youtube. Why would anyone care about the event when they can just cheat? Not like it will get fixed. You'll just get banned, because, that fixes everything.

Wildcard, how on earth are your head's still above the water? I'm astounded!

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please add a item that allows us to see gestating animal baby stats so we dont have to leave 100 animals or more out for mutations. it would help with tame cap problems thank you.

Who ever is complaining about no Evo this weekend shut up. They don't have to give us these events but they do. So stfu.

NO EVO EVENT???????????????????????????

On 10/15/2021 at 8:12 PM, Batfloke said:


Everything in this Crunch is, in essence, 100% worthless as the transfers are STILL locked, we are STILL waiting on the rollback/fix which means there is STILL no point playing as everything we have done for the last 28-odd hours and everything from now until they FINALLY fix what they broke and roll it all back again - EVERYTHING done in this period will not count or show up anywhere.

WHY are people even bothering to cry about no Evo - you could have x100000 and it would mean absolutely nothing as it will all be as if none of it was ever done when it rolls back. Which may or may not even be this year considering we are halfway through October.....

And now to compound the problems we are all having to suffer through - the Fear event is now going to be running ACROSS the Extra Life Event! I mean, how ridiculously and badly planned is this shower? Last year the Fear event ended the day before E-L and it was still a bloody nightmare with performance etc. So now, with the whole G2 farce continuing and turning out to be the best thing possible for new releases like New World etc as people are fleeing Ark to buy & play those games now, they choose to change the dates of the Fear event to run straight through E-L? What - you think it won't be a complete disaster?

Are you kidding me?!!?!

But no - as usual when everything goes horribly wrong like this, there is NO communication about it from the "community manager" or indeed anyone else from WC. We get a meaningless and really rather ridiculous update but no fix for the broken and stasis-bound game as a whole.

People crying over no Evo event when the game isn't even running? Changing dates so as to have Fear running at the same time as E-L..?....     

Hahahahahahahaha! The horrendous, yet somehow now incredibly comical, state of this mess is stunning!


On 10/15/2021 at 8:39 PM, ccz2887 said:

Man you guys are really batting a thousand. By reading what people have said on Twitter regarding the supposed “QOL” balance update that you unleashed on pc lol.  Sure you say it’s aimed at pvp but you blockheads are gonna make pve TAKE THE SHAFT FOR IT AGAIN!  Just like the flyer nerf, the mana nerf, the umpteen million giga nerfs over the years, the gacha nerf, the inability to put turrets on platform saddles anymore (that was 5 years ago and that’s what started this rabbit hole we keep going down).  You DO NOT listen to the community, you DO NOT understand the difference of game play between the 2 modes, I have to question whether or not you even care.  If ya did there would be separate balances right from the start instead of this long list of bs that has come down the pipe over the years.  It seems like lately your only sight is on Ark 2, when EVERYONE knows that ark 2 is gonna be just as much of a disaster as Ark 1, and why is that?  BECAUSE OF YOU AT WILDCARD BEING YOUR OWN WORST ENEMY!  Especially when you have players telling you about issues with the game for months, and what do you do?  Ignore it, push it aside and throw up some vague and useless community crunch to distract and redirect, hoping the problem just gets forgotten about.

In regards to the extra life event taking place during the fear evolved event, THEY DO THIS EVERY YEAR!  And then in the meantime while rates are hitting 5x, 6x, 7x we’re all stuck with full servers, rubber banding, high pings disconnects and whatever else can go wrong.  Einstein said “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result”.  I’d like to say the Einstein was being too nice, that’s the definition of STUPIDITY!  They know what these events do to the servers, they know what the aftermath is, and they know how bad it ticks off the community.  Not to mention WC has not EVER put out a clean near seamless update or patch IN 5 AND A HALF YEARS!!  So fear is gonna go live, it’s gonna take 4 days to fix it because they broke SOMETHING!  Then it’s at least a dozen server resets to get it so it’s right or fairly stable to play.  Who wants to bet me on that?  Anyone?  

My last little vent is as much as this game, WC, cheaters/dupers and just the natural order of the universe seem to screw everyone over, yeah evo events could be enacted more often, but only with stable servers.  It’s just that little piece of justice that us Ark players need to keep some skin in the game, literally.  Sorry WC, you should have known the can of worms you opened 5 years ago when ya started doing the evo events, if ya didn’t I dunno what to tell ya.  

After all that, WC you guys have an awesome game and it has the potential to kick the big game developers right in the knees.  We don’t gripe to annoy and be thorns in your sides, we gripe because we care and love the game! You guys have done an amazing job creating a game with this much depth and involvement, but the bad decisions at the company level are holding it back.

Just found the rants

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I know it was said earlier but i have to ask as well.  please help fix prim+ with the bugs

Refining forge (won't make glass or steel)

Smithy (won't make advanced or several weapons)

Training dummies (when placed are visible but aren't there.  


I started playing this recently because i got bored with all the tek.  This adds so much challenge back to the game and it is beautiful!  I know folks say you "don't care" about prim+ plus but i refuse to believe it.  🥺


Other than that, much love and thanks for giving me YEARS of happiness and friendships on this game.  ❤

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On 15/10/2021 at 18:21, forgotenlore said:

Por favor, agregue un elemento que nos permita ver las estadísticas de los bebés animales en gestación para que no tengamos que dejar 100 animales o más fuera de las mutaciones. Ayudaría con problemas de tame tame gracias.

Hola, bueno pero ¿de qué serviría? la hembra ya está preñada e igual el bb va a nacer, a diferencia de la incubadora que sacas los eggs malos para hacer kibble 😏

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On 10/16/2021 at 1:27 PM, BlackScarlatta said:

Im so speechless, but i will speak anyway... everyday im looking to play other games when this things happens... i wasnt expecting a EVO event this weekend, but the starting o Fear Evolved event the 10/18/21. Extra Life just works only 25 hours, no more... so, we gonna have, for example: 2x in Fear Evolve + the Extra Life multiplier?? Or we gonna have only the Extra Life multiplier in the day? Im so confussed about this mess. I remember when a bout some years ago we got 3 weeks for any Holiday Event, and Extra Life separated from thhose Events. And now we gonna have both in one, "Cheaper by the dozen", right? I may say that as few people here say; i love the game... but everything goes to hell when actually i see that no one of WildCard Team and new Team give a "sweet" to the real community that is actually playing the game and has bought the game years ago... no respect, no love, no "Good vibes". It doesnt matter how many times we, the real community, wanna help to improve the game as the players that were playing this awesome game since almost it started... WC will never take us seriously and only will gonna sellect those people that actually send "Good Vibes" and doesnt really care about the game, just wanna lick some "Grapes"...








Rest in Peace, Ark 1...

You don't really see many comments that actually say anything worth reading, its either "No Evo event? wildcard suck" or "Game broken, fix now or me leave". nothing really with valid and constructive criticism, this is one that actually says something. I wouldn't say the disappointed thing or the rest in peace, ark 1 thing but I do sort of agree with the rest of it. they just need to dedicate 1 or more higher up people that just read the comments here and tickets made so that they can actually relay solid problems. now idk how they're going to tackle the official rates (I don't play officials that often), they might do some f*cked sh*t. i really love ark 1 and sometimes I like to play around with the broken things in the game (i.e. making fish fly and baiting people into crash spots) but if they want to keep players attached to their games, they have to listen to their community about certain problems or balancing. I have high hopes for ark 2 and i will platy it even if its worse than ark 1. most of if not all the people that work at wildcard have potential to make their business good, they just haven't acted upon or made the effort to be a good business.

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1 hour ago, Joebl0w13 said:

I wager everyone will buy it.

Maybe, eventually, speaking personally.  But if it takes a similar track to ARK 1 in terms of quantity over quality, I don't know.  I probably won't buy it.  There are a lot of games to play, and my time with ARK 1 has scratched the hell out of that itch!

I'm primarily interested in the story continuing, and I don't really have to buy the game to see that.  I'm also very patient with stuff like this, so I can wait for Anthomnia to post lore videos and watch em to get my ARK lore nerd-out.

EDIT:  I don't think I'm alone in my hesitancy, but yeah I bet it'll still sell well enough to stay alive.

Edited by TheDonn
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First off cool art. Love the Griffin and Mana. To bad we can't get a skin like the Griffin.

Second cool you helping the children. 

Third totally exited for Fear Evolved. Hopefully we can get more ghost costumes. Hopefully you given us some new content for this one. I know it's probably to late for this one. But I would like to make a couple suggestions or rather ideas. Technically on side note always adding new stuff for the holiday events kept me interested in this game. Anyways, we don't have much costumes for our dinos. But yet you have a costume slot for every dino. 😢 I've been looking at some of the mods out there. Came upon a cool looking cat. It's called the Mischief Cat. That would be cool to get for like a one time fear evolved kinda deal. Though you shouldn't change it. The modder did a perrfect job.  

Fourth just want to say thanks for bringing us events and giving us new content even though you will be bringing out a new Ark. So worried when you said will no longer be working on more for Ark Evolved.

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On 10/19/2021 at 10:12 AM, AlanMasterPRO said:

Hola, bueno pero ¿de qué serviría? la hembra ya está preñada e igual el bb va a nacer, a diferencia de la incubadora que sacas los eggs malos para hacer kibble 😏

el problema es que tenemos que dejar fuera a cientos de animales que no necesitan estar tomando gorra domesticada o gorra de tribu cuando podrían ser reemplazados. Por lo general, dejo morir a los bebés malos y cosecho la prima con moschops para obtener mucha prima cocida. pero ¿por qué ocupar el espacio? Si estamos criando mutaciones, solo queremos las buenas estadísticas de todos modos.

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Is Prim+ ever going to get fixed? I love playing it but the bugs make it horribly irritating or even merge prim+ with base game. I play on a PS4 so I know the console players take backseat to the PC players but is there also any chance if getting base decorations? Just something to make base building more fun, there's only so much I can make with benches, chairs and tables. I'd kill for new recipes or seeds like there is in prim+ too.

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On 10/15/2021 at 6:31 PM, Cailean556 said:

Yeah, considering the Incubator demonstrates the 'tech' works now we need some kind of handheld device to determine gestating baby stats.

That's a great suggestion.

I'd also like the see, at the Tek tier, a device that you can use to modify the baby in the egg/in utero and ensure colours and stats you want at the cost of Element Shards/Dust. Like a 'Tek Gene Sequencer'. You're limited to the colours and stats the parents already had, so it wouldn't upset balance - it just cuts down the time it might take to get the baby with the colours and stats you want. Unless you get absolutely lucky on your first breeding.

This would be too game breaking on PvP, you would be able to get the lines you need so fast. There's a reason the mutation system is how it is already and even that is horrendous. If anything, maybe only color mutations or a stat at a time, I do remember the times I've gotten so angry when all I needed was a single stat changed to get the best stats out of the parent pool.

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On 10/30/2021 at 12:40 AM, Galaxyheart said:

This would be too game breaking on PvP, you would be able to get the lines you need so fast. There's a reason the mutation system is how it is already and even that is horrendous. If anything, maybe only color mutations or a stat at a time, I do remember the times I've gotten so angry when all I needed was a single stat changed to get the best stats out of the parent pool.

I feel as though even one stat per infant would be too much. The last thing pvp needs is a means of streamlining what's essentially min maxing. Babies from quality breeding stock ready benefit from both their heritage and imprint bonuses, some such as reapers or egg spawned creatures benefit from pre leveling or (if one has an incubator) pre hatching bonuses. Factor in mutagen and you've already got some potent and near game breaking advantages. 

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On 10/30/2021 at 3:40 PM, Galaxyheart said:

This would be too game breaking on PvP, you would be able to get the lines you need so fast. There's a reason the mutation system is how it is already and even that is horrendous. If anything, maybe only color mutations or a stat at a time, I do remember the times I've gotten so angry when all I needed was a single stat changed to get the best stats out of the parent pool.

Obviously this is a suggestion and will likely never come to fruition however I'm sick of hearing that. Mostly because of the toxic drivel that is PvP. Far more people play PvE, or Single Player, and yet they're having terms dictated to them by a smaller group, simply because they complain longer and louder than everyone else.

PvP shouldn't dictate the flow of abilities and features. And quite frankly, I'm pretty tired of things being changed because the  PvP crowd cracks the sads because their beloved "established meta" is challenged. How long until Lost Island's Dinopethicus is changed because PvP has a meltdown? Or Fjordur's Andrewsarchus?

Like what they did with Cryopods and Cryo Sickness, if they could tailor it so that in PvP it does less than it does in PvE or Single Player, great. Everyone wins. 

PvP can quit whinging and adapt. Like the rest of us have to when things change because PvP demands it. Maybe this time PvE/SP gets a win and PvP can adapt to the rest of us.

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