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admin cheats are not working anymore (since v338.23 update)

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we do have the same problem:

Everthing with cheat is not working (e.g. cheat gcm, cheat fly or cheat gfi PrimalItemResource_Element 1 1 0) but  commands like showmyadminmanager are working. it is since the last update. we run the latest public build (https://steamdb.info/app/376030/depots/) v338.23 / steam 7535952 (linux dedicated server)

Update: A user told me that when you start a fresh server/map cheats are working?!

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I host ten servers, the first few are Windows and the rest Linux. Admin works fine. I use it regularly enough because I boot link-dead players so they can rejoin. Seriously, who thought it was a good idea to allow a player with no connection to not only stay active in the world for five minutes but also to not be able to reconnect until that time has passed unless kicked? No other game I have ever played does that.

Anyway, admin is fine. I would check my configuration.

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