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pvp [PC Server] OldSchool Ark / 3x All / TheIsland, ScorchedEarth & Aberration Only

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[PC Server] OldSchool Ark / 3x All Rates / TheIsland, ScorchedEarth & Aberration only / NoMods / All other rates Official / Professional / Friendly Community / NEW / Play To Win Only /

Hello Survivors,

I have recently create an oldschool server in a attempt to relive the older days of ark. These servers will only ever have the first 3 official story maps so thats The island, Scorched Earth and Aberration. Rates are 3x with almost all other settings the same as official With the exception of unlimited structure pickups. So if this sounds like the server for you please dont hesitate and join today.


Server Rates

XP, Taming & Harvest = 3

MatingIntervalMultiplier = 0.25

Egg Hatch, Baby Mature = 3

BabyCuddleIntervalMultiplier = 0.33

MaxNumberOfPlayersInTribe = 4

Unlimited Structure Pickups = True

Official Dino Levels= 150(Normal), 190 (Wyvern Eggs, Rock Drakes)

Disabled Dinosaurs= Tek Varients, Titanosaurs, Rock Golems.

Disabled Engrams= Cannons + Cannonballs

Maps : The Island, Scorched Earth, Aberration. (I will never add Extinction, Gen1+2)


Server Links

The Island: steam://connect/

Scorched Earth: steam://connect/

Aberration: steam://connect/

Discord: https://discord.gg/HSjBXfYMA5


Thanks for reading Charlie.

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