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When relogging the player characters resets partially to a prior savestate

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I'm playing on a nondedicated Linux server and have a problem with my player save. I experienced the following problems:

- Sometimes after dying the characters level resets. (For Example from lvl. 100 to lvl. 80)
You don't lose your experience points, but you have to relocate your statpoints.

- The engrams reset. (You learn an engram, for example cryopods, and after relogging you
have to learn the engram again. But you still keep some of the engrams which you
learned. In the given example it would be all engrams learned before lvl. 80.)

- After relogging the hotbar shows what was there at an earlier time (when the character
was lvl. 80). (For Example. you remove a club, which is in slot seven and relogg. After
Relogging you can see the transperant picture of a torch.)

The server doesn't have any mods, just some changes in the game.ini / server starting script.

I managed to fix this problem for a while by creating a new character, but after a while the bug returned. I hope someone knows a fix.

With regards,

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