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23 hours ago, LordKel said:

I could have sworn I've seen one since then in my sp, but now you have me questioning.   Have you done a dino wipe?  That's usually when I notice them,  upon the fresh spawn.  

thats the weird thing, Iv done a couple of wipes now. I got my first giga, then went looking for a mate, but nothing. So I wiped it then. And I did it again when I couldn't find any alpha tuso or mosa's to get a fishing pole.

Iv been through the island, scorched, and crystal isles since then......I don't think titano spawns in aberation, and Im curiouse if they spawn in extinction, but since Im getting ready for the dodo rex, I decided to try and go find one since I have force feeding turned on......nothing. o.o Did a dino wipe, STILL NOTHING!!!


am kinda panicking now as I wanted to use it as a meat sheild for the giga's......I really don't want to loose any.

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