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Welcome to the Pandora Island 123 project!

Steam Map Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2399524661

Discord Pandora: https://discord.gg/N2J7n4Hz3f

Come and see a solo project that I've been developing for about a year and a half, unlike other maps in the community I preferred to complete 95% of all terrain and its painting, it gave me almost 7 months without the project being in the steamworkshop!

I'm working alone on this project so bear with me! don't fight with me, i'm doing my best!

General features of the map:

*Rivers crossing the entire map to facilitate the gameplay of rafts and ocean animals.

*Variety of biomes and geography.

*Distributed and centralized farm resources to make it easier for rival tribes to farm.

*Big focus on the ocean and islands of the map!

*Focus on large locations for pvp bases, outside and within their oceans, to increase the competitiveness of pvp servers as I am working to make the map really competitive for multiple enemy tribes.

*Giant map, approximately .... in size, focuses on getting numerous enemy tribes playing on the same map, out and into their oceans in a way that there aren't just one or two very good base locations to the point that this tribe become the owner of the entire map.

*A ravine for each type of dragon, so everyone can collect dragon eggs without a tribe being dominant in that collection area!

-The map has megastructures developed by me, such as:

Gaia: giant tree, A giant tree that is in the center of the map and can be seen all over the map, it is the life of the map, it makes all the balance of the Pandora biome almost like a protector, many say it has a conscious life, there are some reports that he influences Pandora's volcanoes and works with him to balance the entire ark, some even say that his waterfall was consciously created to help balance the ark's biomes, but that it accidentally ended up throwing some substance into it, the water that also made the ark Trees close to and protected from it would become very large like it, their roots are deep and they feed on something mysterious at the bottom of Pandora's ark and divide their nutrients throughout the ark, almost intentionally influencing the evolution of the pandora's ark, I saw that somewhere?

Pandora's Ship: A mysterious spaceship that probably had an accident while trying to enter Pandora's Ark, the ancients say it was on this terrain even before Pandora's Ark was created. Little is known about it, only that inside it there are surviving capsules still alive, but we cannot say the same of a single giant capsule found inside it that was violated a long time ago, there is a legend that speaks of the Pandora's box being found a long time ago. time and lost soon after, the ancients also comment that possibly Pandora's ark was created to house and protect creatures or protective creatures from all other creatures to serve as an ark of time and prevent corruption from spreading, we just know everything this, very old people told me all this!

Bubble atlantis: is found under the sea of Pandora and is currently home to the ravine of venomous dragons, there is also another entrance to the bima freak, its appearance resembles the genesis swamps, there are 3 ways to access atlanstis, from above, stopping one raft on top of the bubble and swim to it from the top entrance, the second way is using its side entrances, the problem with them being so deep you will need some creature to get to it, the third way is via a natural teleporter that it is on the pyramid of an ancient civilization in the green biome, you can enter and exit through it.

Pyramids in the great desert of the dunes: so far a great unexplored mystery, two pyramids, a smaller one with no signs of technology but being impossible to enter because it is partially buried by the desert and another mysterious pyramid that seems to share technologies similar to the obelisks of the ark, it seems that the The same men who created the lower pyramid took advantage of the structure to create another pyramid, or the lower pyramid was created in reference to the upper pyramid, nobody knows for sure! we only know that it has its own biome at the top, a lost and balanced oasis

Ground zero: a possible accident that possibly happened long before the existence of Gaia or the arrival of existing pyramids on the map or even the Pandora ship, an extinction level event that unbalanced the Pandora's ark environment causing overgrowth in Pandora's trees and creating the nucleus of the radioactive ark, influencing the appearance of the aberration biome existing in the ark, very similar to another long-lost ark, a lot of awareness of something like this happening, there you go! transforming the entire life of Pandora! many will pass ground zero and think it's a lake, but if these people pay attention to the signs of destruction on its shore, they'll realize that this geographic formation is unnatural!

Valley of the Rings: Perhaps the only existing structure prior to the ground zero catastrophe, are the stone ruins of an extremely ancient civilization that was destroyed by something very destructive and hot inside Pandora's Ark, something that made its stone structure almost pulverize by whole, just nothing is known about those rock formations.

stonehenge: perhaps the most recent structure created by survivors of the ark, an attempt to tame some giganotosaurus perhaps? quite possibly I can't see any other reason why people would push rocks so high like that.

Aztec pyramid: probably created by survivors from the center ark, great worshipers of the spider god, they found a portal that transported these people to other locations and decided to build a temple on top of it to keep this secret hidden from other survivors, but mysteriously they disappeared of Pandora's Ark.

giant aquatic mushrooms: probably developed under the same effects generated by the ground zero event, except that they fed on a totally mysterious and unique biome still undiscovered by survivors that exists beneath the huge ocean of Pandora.

Little Polar Atlantis Bubble: Was it probably created by the same civilization that created the Great Atlantis Bubble, for the purpose of learning how to build great structures? we don't know, but we know that inside it houses an entrance to a different world, a world before the creation of the arks, ancients say that inside it is possible to find an entire city and very dangerous creatures, but that with the impact of pandora ships its structure was badly damaged and its entrance sealed forever, perhaps?







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