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HLNA teleport not working on an unofficial g portal server

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Was working fine when I first had the server only recently stopped workin because of an ark update. sent out a ticket in gportal but they couldn’t help me,they sent me hear to try and see what the problem is.They said it might be because wildcard hasn’t rolled out a server side patch because my server is still currently under update 695.13.Please help when you can,it’s been like this for like a week and a half,and it’s pretty much limiting what we can do on genesis part 1.

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Yes, same problem here. Current Host version on Nitrado server is 695.13 (!!). Contacted Nitrado, they said the patch(es) is/are only for official Servers.

Could you PLEASE hurry with the rollout for inofficial servers. We´re done with Gen and only have to finish the MC but we can´t because teleport does not work.

So, whats wrong with this Patches? I have to extend the server next weekend. Please fix this asap.

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Dont know where to start, i´m  so upset right now. Its over 3 weeks (09/23/2021) since the patch v695.13 (.8 client) wrecked the
teleport function on Gen1, the serverside patch [v695.15] to fix this problem came four days later 09/27/2021
..... but only for official servers.

No GPortal, no Nitrado updates for 3 weeks, realy ?? No aswer from anybody who´s in charge. Nothing from WC in the CC, not even an Admin in this Thread.
Nobody knows anything ?? And then : Whoohoo 50GB Update for PS4/5....but still .......no teleporting....., BUT we have fixed Skins YEEAAAAAAAHH !!!! ...
We did a run over all maps, started a year ago on Island, then SE, Ab, Ex, now on Gen.
If not, fine! Gen would be the only map we skip the final Boss, Thx WC !!
I do not expect anybody response, but who knows?

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