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Updated PvE/PvP Tier list 2021

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Currently this is just my opinion and any dino not listed I just don't have enough of an opinion to rank them.  comment if you believe a dino should be ranked somewhere, and make sure to justify it.

PvE Tiers

These tames are ranked by how well they can gather resources, hunt, fight bosses and whatever other utilities they have for PvE activities.

S Tier (tames that help tribes tons with the reasons listed above, or have special niches that are useful)

Ankylosaurus (gathers lots of metal, crystal, obsidian and berries and can be carried by an argy)

Thylacoleo (great for caving with a decent 4-5k health and strong damage along with a guaranteed bleed attack and climbing.)

Gacha (can produces almost any resource at good rates but requires a snow owl)

Argentavis (flyer with good health, stamina carry weight and can carry lots of utility dinos like ankys and doeds.)

Shadowmane (great mobility and lots of abilities that allow it to take down big creatures and it does a good job when fighting bosses)

Dung Beetle (terrible stats but have a unique niche of being able to convert feces into fertilizer making it amazing for gardening, also produces small amounts of oil which helps)

Doedicurus (gathers stone and flint really well which makes it another must-have PvE dino)

Yutyrannus (powerful fear and courage roars that gives it an invaluable spot in boss fights and genesis hunts)

Rex (does tons of damage and has good health, one of the best boss-fighting tames in the game)

Therizinosaurus (gathers fiber, hide, berries and lots of other resources, also has resource levels)

A Tier (tames that help a lot in PvE activities but are slightly outclassed and/or have hinderances)

Moschops (auto harvest, outclassed by tames such as the theri though)

Snow Owl (good at fighting and moving around, its pellets are the second best fertilizer in the game and are the best thing to feed Gachas for lots of loot)

Pteranodon (one of the fastest flyers in the game, very good for exploring the map in early game but is very weak and frail)

Woolly Rhino (good boss fighting mount with its insane charge damage, only really viable on the center/rag/valg bosses though, outclassed by rex)

Mammoth (can gather wood and debuff enemies, outclassed by various other dinos though.)

Rock Drake (very powerful and the best mobility you can get on Aberration (would be S tier on that map) and can go invisible making it hard for wild creatures to detect you)

Crystal Wyverns (early game tames that are very powerful and allow you to easily get around the map without much risk)

Mantis (can be equipped with weapons and tools to give it a variety of uses, but its pretty frail)

Tusoteuthis (powerful underwater mount that is great for fighting moeder and other underwater creatures, but of course its restricted to water.

Megachelon (giant platform saddle allowing for a mobile base, can go both underwater and on land giving it decent versatility.)

Reaper King (lots of health and very high damage make it good for fighting bosses, but its quite hard to obtain making other creatures more favorable)

B Tier (tames that help a decent amount in PvE but have pretty big flaws and/or are outclassed)

Deinonychus (raptor 2.0 that can climb and doesn't take fall damage along with being able to bleed bosses, but thats pretty much its only use.)

Sabertooth (good caving mount but is outclassed by thylacoleo)

Managarmr (great mobility while still being allowed in caves, kinda outclassed by most wyverns in terms of strength and its lack of full flight, pretty weak against bosses)

Direbear (collects honey well and can fight, thats about it though)

Wyverns (pretty strong all around fighters but are very late game and generally not that great for PvE then)

Direwolf (basically the same as the sabertooth)

Velonasaur (quills are great for taking out weaker targets and it can be a decent background shooter for bosses along with OSD/element node defense, great for killing lava golem)

Mosasaurus (powerful underwater tame but very slow with a wide turning circle, has a platform saddle but megachelon's is better)

Megalodon (great for fighting underwater in general, can do great against Moeder on genesis but is outclassed by creatures like the Mosa and Tuso)

Castoroides (decent at gathering wood but is outclassed and pretty squishy, better when wild where they can build dams)

Stegosaurus (decent at gathering wood, thatch and berries but is outclassed)

Trike (can gather berries and do some fighting but is pretty severely outclassed)

C Tier (tames that offer some use but are outclassed or have pretty major flaws)

Giganotosaurus (very hard to tame, enrages pretty easily which makes it turn on you but works well for fighting the titans and some genesis hunt missions)

Enforcer (can be made pretty early in the game on extinction and does a good job against corrupted enemies, can easily defend lower tier OSDs but thats about it)

Desert Titan (can act as an aircraft carrier but is only really used for fighting the King Titan)

Forest Titan (has a few uses but is mainly just for fighting the King Titan)

Ice Titan (general all-around fighter, mainly just for the King Titan though)

Noglin (mess around and have fun, can be used to get annoying wild dinos out of your way but thats about it)

Parasaur (has a radar ability which could help find enemies when hunting or when wild dinos attack your base, but thats about it, severely outclassed in terms of berry gathering)

Phiomia (feed it stimberries and you get a lot of poop, but just having a lot of tames should give you enough even without one of these)

Paracer (can act as a mobile feeding trough or mobile ballista but thats about it)

D Tier (tames that offer little use or have very niche abilities)

Megaloceros (only the males are any use, and even then they aren't great)

Brontosaurus (same roles as a Paracer but big, slow and annoying to use)

Megalosaurus (great damage and decent health but the fact that you can only really use it at night makes it kinda useless, however on aberration that doesn't apply making it S tier there.)

Megalania (okay stats and can climb, but thats about it)

Sarco (decent stats and can swim, they can also scare away piranhas but its not something anyone really tames)

Kaprosuchus (not great stats, can grab creatures but is incredibly outclassed with that)

Terror Bird (can jump and glide but is quite weak and frail)

Raptor (early game fighting mount, but pretty trash other than that)

F Tier (tames that really don't help a tribe)

Coelacanth (literally does nothing)

Piranha (could guard an underwater pen but is outclassed by Sabertooth Salmon)

Sabertooth Salmon (has a bleed attack that makes it okay for guarding an underwater pen but thats about it.)

Dodo (very weak, doesn't help)

Diplodocus (doesn't do any damage, doesn't have any other utilities for PvE)


PvP Tiers

These tames are ranked by how well they help a tribe with base raiding, base defending, open combat, sabotage and other PvP utilities.

S Tier (tames that can do a lot for a tribe in terms of combat)

Titanosaur (a tamed one of these can decimate any base, however since its so hard to tame anyone who uses one of these on you must have a major grudge)

Desert Titan (tons of health, and is huge allowing it to soak turrets and essentially trap defenders in a base, can act as an aircraft carrier when fighting with flyers)

Ice Titan (mobile fighting unit, does tons of damage, has tons of health and just does various a lot to damage a tribe)

Forest Titan (mobile siege tower, can load various turrets on its platform saddle to deal tons of damage)

Purlovia (can ambush someone off their mount along with being a hidden storage for your most important items in case your base gets destroyed)

Velonasaur (can decimate turret soakers and other tames, can ground flyers)

Managarmr (does tons of damage, moves very fast and is one of the gods of open PvP)

Giganotosaurus (can cause major havoc to an enemy tribe trying to move their tames or build a base, but can backfire in some cases)

Shadowmane (the chain attack can very easily dismount someone which can hardcounter many dangerous PvP tames)

Noglin (great for sabotage and trolling, you can mind control a player into turning off their generators then walk them into a trap to then easily raid the base)

Tusoteuthis (great for sabotaging players near the water, can drag them in for an easy kill, can also wreck rafts/underwater bases)

Stegosaurus (easy to tame and is great for soaking turrets)

A Tier (tames that are still great for pvp but are outclassed by others)

Gasbags (when puffed up it has a serious damage reduction making it good for soaking, but can be deflated relatively easily)

Voidwyrm (can dismount players with its breath attack, but can be pretty hard to tame along with being relatively outclassed by Shadowmane)

Reaper King (very powerful in raids once you have dropped most-all of the turrets, along with being strong in open PvP)

Lightning Wyvern (does tons of damage to players and tames, probably the best of all the wyverns)

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Added Tiers
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For PvP:

Titanosaur is probably D tier

Desert Titan is useful here and there in some situations but probably C tier

Forest Titan while it lasts is maybe A for the grab and ranged damage when it swings

Ice Titan is maybe A tier

Managarmr is probably A tier for freezing

Snow Owl A tier for slows and freeze/dismount

Purlovia is niche and perhaps B/C tier

Velo get's used quite a bit in many circumstances and is perhaps A tier

Tuso underwater is probably S tier

Bloodstalker is S tier for picking capabilities and mobility

Poison/Lightning Wyvern is perhaps A tier and can be pretty useful in some circumstances

Astrodelphis is A tier in killing wyverns, players, and other flyers and titans (melts desert titan fairly quick)

Gasbag is probably A tier in soaking easily 

Mek is good and usually needed in a lot of circumstances and S tier imo

Reaper is perhaps A or borderline S due to slow and tailspin to help control field

Yuty is S tier in capability to fear, knockback, and obviously for the buff for PVE/PVP

Pteranodon A tier for picking and suicide runs

Deinonychus is A tier for suicide pushing and ability to bleed as well as mobility

Thylacoleo is S tier for Bleed and mobility

Therizino B tier perhaps 

Quetzal is S tier for picking with armor

Tropical Crystal Wyvern S tier picker due to speed buff in various circumstances and has a slow that can help in pvp

Blood/Fire Crystal Wyvern perhaps B tier in killing people on ground 

Megalodon is S tier bleeder underwater 

Basilosaurus B tier soaker underwater, but imo B mostly due to having to hump a wall and position correctly and turret damage reduction I know of

Rex - Tek Rex is A tier in helping push during raid

Tek Tappy - S/A tier in pushing and melting tek turrets and in damaging tek forcefield, etc...

Megalosaurus is perhaps B tier on Ab 

Mantis A tier due to knock out and usefullness

Griffin B tier

Spinosaur A tier with water nearby

Paracer S tier soaker/pusher

Megachelon A tier soaker

And there's probably more honestly...


Dinos that almost never get used these days from my experience:  Sabre D tier, Raptor C tier, Direwolf C tier, Kapro B tier, Lymantria maybe B tier due to stam sap and slow, Direbear D tier, Argentavis C tier, Carno C tier, Allosaurus C tier, Hyena F tier, Plesio C tier, Dilo D tier, Troodon C tier, Compy F tier, Ravager C tier, and can't think of much else atm.  


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