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Inventory Transfer All Button Question


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Quite often when I try to use the transfer all option when moving stuff between my inventory and various other containers, it won’t move anything or it’ll only move a couple of stacks. Are there some limitations because right now it seems pretty arbitrary, other than happening more often with certain containers compared with others. I know from experience it’s not because of:

1)weight limitation (it sometimes work when the stuff I’m trying to put into my inventory is not heavy and won’t make me encumbered 

2)slot number limitations 

3)other stacks of the same thing in my inventory already (that wouldn’t make sense anyways but there are some weird limitations on other things so I wouldn’t put it past the game)

4)a piece in one of the stacks decaying and thus messing up the transfer somehow

5)game microfreezing

6)some sort of hidden limit on how many items you can transfer from one container to another at one time (I’ve been able to transfer quite a lot from a container to my inventory, yet sometimes it won’t transfer just a few stacks of something). 


Sometimes I can transfer whatever I need no problem but later trying to do the same thing with the same stuff fails. 

It happens most often with vaults and fridges. It’s really obnoxious when I’m, say, trying to grab a bunch of seeds for a gacha or trying empty a fridge full of raw meat to cook it. When this happens the drop all option doesn’t even work. Popcorning isn’t really an option for a few of my vaults because of where the things land.  It’s just really tedious to have to transfer a bunch of things individually. 


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Do you use folders? When folders are deleted the items are behaving kind of annoying. Also server maintenance/updates realy screw your folders.
Also, when transfering items stacks in other folders are competed first.
Sometimes it helps to turn off the "folder view" or use the search function.

Besides the normal slotcap (You see black weight) or weight limit this might explain a few things.

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On 10/2/2021 at 10:29 AM, that1canadian said:

i have this issue a lot as well i thought i was the only one

Nope, go us lol 

Between this and the transfer all button sometimes transferring the contents of the folder I’m in (what I want) and sometimes transferring all the content of the whole container (not what I want), inventory management feels so clunky and random at times.  I just stick with large storage boxes for gacha seeds/stones, a couple per gacha; instead of just keeping all the seeds in a vault. 

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