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Mating cooldown

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4 hours ago, Deeni said:

What's going on with this?

While the dinos in the cryos mating cooldown is paused, whether they changed it to make it worse?

The question is a little unclear.   The mating cooldown should wind down while in cryo.  There are a few situations where I can see this not working that way,  but you didn’t give enough details of your particular situation to give a satisfying answer.

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Never really understood it myself, granted I guess it would prevent people from breeding a hundred dino's in a few months, but then again it encourages people to tame dozens and dozens of dinos to help speed the process up. Solo or small tribes would suffer greatly in the fact that they would have to have a small army just to breed a good army or to make kibble.

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29 minutes ago, DirkInSA said:

Thats the fail - the transfer does bad stuff to mating cool down on cryo'd dinos

Really annoying because I am taming stuff on Gen2 but raising babies on my home server (CI) because that’s where my main is. I was thinking of making the move to Gen2 but all the rollbacks have to make raising babies a nightmare. 

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