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Community Crunch 284: Dedicated Storage Change, Evo Event, and more!

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And that's a lot of ass.

And again there’s enough of complaining! 3x XP and 3x farms! I think it's great because I can concentrate on ONE thing and don't have to work with the baby as well. Thanks, WC!

It might be too easy to abuse the fact that dedis can float. Imagine placing a foundation on a skiff and snapping a bunch of dedis to it, flying the skiff to some destination, and then destroying th

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1 minute ago, Raptouriel said:

hey Wildcard :D ive been playing on Ark for a loooong time and just got the courage to join the discussions :) I have noticed that on Valguero, my tames will fall through the map and I cant get them back unless I ghost through 😧 any ideas on fixing this?

Bugs -> https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/bugs/

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dont get me wrong but ark is fun and all but all the glitches i find on it are crazy ill be walking on gen 2 and just fall through the map sometimes so me and my friends just stay off gen 2 maybe some bug fixes will help and maybe a little bit of some work on servers for the same problem before releasing lost island i know it will delay lost island but u cant make a better map then going in and recoding to get rid of glitches such as pvp god mode glitch i still love the game always will but thats my main problem

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On 9/18/2021 at 2:59 PM, Dvulture said:

It completely broke the Dedicated Tek Storage on the Unofficial Server I play. Since our pile size is bigger (like 900 metal instead of 300) it used to display the incorrect number of piles. Now of course there is no more piles, but it doesn't accept more of the total number than the size on offical servers... so it means that even thought much of my dedicated didn't have 1800 piles yet, I can add to it anymore, and if take out, it won't accept back in, since it is over the puny limit they have on official servers... if I wanted to play the grind that is an official server I would have joined one.

Yeah, I'm all for the efforts to optimize and save memory, but PvE unofficials are getting borked by this. Is there gonna be an issue if we try to leave our items in Dedis that are now technically over capacity? Bad enough we won't be able to put anything back in once we pull some out, do we have to worry about what's already in there getting deleted? The need to now make a ton of extra Dedis if we want to store more of the same material seems like a pretty big step backward.

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ok so what you have basically done is added more clutter to your servers. Lets say that I  have 6 million metal, with the old dedicated storage that would all be in one box with my stacks at about 15000 per stack, you changed the capacity to 1.8 million so that mean that I have to use 4 dedicated storage boxes to hold that same amount, so you went from 65000 boxes to about 260000. So please explain how this path is going to help with the issues you had in the pass, people are not going to stop farming resources because you changed the capacity. You also removed the Picture of the item from the storage box inventory but you added the ability to add two on the outside. Please explain the difference in memory usage. 

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forgot content
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On 9/21/2021 at 12:56 PM, TheTrueSpider said:

First off, if you farmed metal why are you using creative mode and why are you destroying dedis if you want access to the materials inside? it's a simple fix on your part to just take the metal out and move it elsewhere before destroying it

 Seem like you've never used SS mod before , i never said than i was using creative mod  and the demo gun can pick up structures , i does not always destroy structures


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