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Wild Giga Disappeared

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11 minutes ago, Tenebray said:

Hey devs, after 1 hour of shooting tranq arrows on a wild giga it just dissapeared and vanished... What do you say? After 3 years I returend playing and this game is still so bugyy? How can that be? Please tell me...

This can happen for various reasons ofcourse. But my guess is that it was stuck behind something and its position ingame glitched out. Because of "Player-Output-Hit-Controller" I dont know whats the exact reason, but thats what my sense tells me lol. Creatures in Ark dont like beeing hit when stuck, they will start to cheat. The game glitched out and relocated it probably. It can happen. In such a open-world game with so many content, bugs will always be there...
Im no pro in scripting or anything, I feel Ark around me lol. If you know whats really happening or may happen you can work your way on preventing that kind of stuff from happening. For "new" players I guess its just a buggy game, yep...

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