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Can the Maewing pick up enemy babies in pve?

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I had some baby rexes, deep blue lvl 367 and this morning i went to check and theyre not there, food still in trough and nothing pops up on tribe log about being killed or anything, then i noticed a guy that lives next to me has the same exact ones, so obviously i picked up my maewing and went to get those babies but couldnt pick up, so idk if mine was bugged or wth happened 

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No they cant steal Babys in pve on Xbox.

Maybe your neighbor get/buy the same Rex eggs?


Dont pick babys up they can get remove from game (bug). Use only enable Nursing on Maewin to feed babys.

In xbox patchnotes they fix the Problem but i lost last week a R-wolf at imprint in Procoptodon and a maewin in Maewin... on Xbox lol



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I'm on PS4/5 as well, never had any issues with babies in maewings. They are not always rendered but never disappeared. If in doubt, let the maewing drop all passengers to do a headcount.

Concerning your neighbour (sure it's not me?) is there any chance he could have "borowed" your rex by setting up his females next to your male when you were off line?

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