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What is the best way to transfer element between servers?

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I'm wanting to transfer element from my gen 2 server to a ragnarok server and I know you can't transfer pure element between servers and something about only being able to transfer dust, so can someone tell me what the best way to do this is? To add more info I have a lot of element shards and element but no dust, I do not play extinction so don't list an extinction method, and this is on official servers.

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I've been converting element into dust at a mission terminal on Gen 2 but it's slow going, I thought that increasing crafting speed would speed up the conversion process but nope it doesn't look like it. Sure, crafting speed will speed up converting dust into unstable element, but I mindwiped on the idea that it would speed up dust making as well, thanks wildcard for screwing us over on element conversion/transferring!

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