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Community Crunch 283: Community Corner, EVO Event and more!

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Completely missed the Evo event last weekend because our server was having major issues as well as others, BUT, finally it has been fixed. I know it takes time to figure the causes of some issues and a lot of us forget that, including me, and we get frustrated and even angry because we have tames out that we don't want to lose, but very little communication comes from the dev's when these things are ongoing. But I want to give A HUGE THANK YOU to the team for figuring out the issue and resolving it! Also want to thank GM Alb

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What good is 2x when the servers are crashing like the Oct ‘29 stock market constantly?  Seems like ever since the announcement of Ark 2 came out, the game that is out now has suffered much more than usual.  If this is how things are going to go this holiday season then it’s gonna be a bigger crap show than last year.  What makes it worse is that there is almost nothing but the sound of crickets on the part of Wildcard’s end.  Not even so much of a “we are aware of a problem and doing our best to find a resolution” statement, that would at least be respectful.  But with the Halloween event just about a month away and extra life on it’s heals, followed up by 2 more events in close proximity, this season just might completely take out the server network if some robustness isn’t restored in the next few weeks.  The way the servers are now, it’s gonna be like trying to race a 9 second car with a knocking rod.  I’ll keep saying until someone listens, forget about Ark 2 for a year at least!!!  Get this one right first before the same mistakes are made with the sequel!!!!

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