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70 GB of files for 4 lines of patch notes? HELLO????


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Current ARK Official Server Network Servers Version: v678.20

Current Version: v678.20 - 09/08/2021

  • Fixed some incorrect volumes in Mission Zones
  • Fixed a bug where Mini-HLNA emotes didn't play for female characters
  • Fixed a bug where Mantis was not able to harvest with tools
  • Fixed some exploits

70 GB???

  • Facepalm 1
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If there would ever be a 200GB patch for next gen consoles that would be a blessing ;)

And don't mind the patchnotes, they stated several times that inventory delays were fixed while I'm still looking at 15+ seconds rubberbanding/delay when the game is handling "remote inventory" or recently(!) also just a huge lag where items need 5+ seconds to move from one inventory to another.

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I actually think its good not to specify exploits fixed. Just my two cents. 

We must post them, they work and acknowledge and fix them, because elaborating on these could prompt or make life easier for 3rd party programs, etc.... We don't want that.

I am ok with these patch notes to be fair, but I guess it is curious for a download that big. I feel like the others have shared valid points for the most part.

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