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Fix or workaround babies hatching or being born inside or under your structures


This drives me crazy, I appreciate that it may be problematic depending on structure, but there must be some ways to fix it or have some workaround?

The simplest way I can see is that babies are perhaps spawned in (when born or hatched) 0.5-1m above the rear of the parent and fall to the ground, such that they will then 'land' above the floor and have no chance to be born immediately meshed through or under your building structures. 

Maybe a maewing can pick up or claim (force respawn) nearby unclaimed-imprinted newborn babies? Like a manual workaround for when there is a problem?

Allowing a cryopod to freeze an unclaimed newborn through the floor?

I honestly don't care, I just don't want to have to destroy and rebuild half my base, or floor, or aircons, or floor supporting incubators, or replicator, etc etc every time a baby is born. Just once, I'd love to see a baby born on the ground rather than under it.


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