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Best way to get polymer


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I'm playing on official pve, valg, and need a bunch of polymer, please don't suggest harvesting the beached ichthys bc they're all gone by the time I get to them, every single one. That and I don't get nearly enough from them to make spending the time waiting for one to spawn worth it. So please let me know how you gather it, whether by crafting or harvesting it, and which way is best.

Any help is appreciated once again, thanks

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Before I got a couple poly gachas I’d farm mantises. If they’re as plentiful on Valg as CI, maybe that? Bonus is that they drop chitin, which can be used to make CP, which in turn can be used to make hard poly. I’d just use a crystal wyvern because while it may not have the highest rating as far as poly harvesting, all the other things that hang out around the mantises (so many, the desert is creepy crawly central) don’t attack unless provoked.  But a poly gacha is really handy to have because you can store the crystals somewhere and only open them up when you need it. Heck if you’re in my cluster I’ll give you a baby poly gacha that I don’t need. 

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It can grind 59 items at once. Depending on items you get in average 400 to 1700 org poly from full grinder.

So each time you go to farm meat save items you get from mobs for grinding.

Even better version - get gachas and farm whatever they can produce and collect items they craft to grind them.

With poly in excess you can make soap to save org poly for latter use.

Also by grinding items you can get a lot of cementing paste and chitin what is incentive to go for obsidian to craft hard poly wihch do not spoil.

Take in mind that org poly stock in 20 and hard poly in 100. For some better blue prints you will need hard poly as org poly do not fit in small fabricator inventory and even 600 slots of replicator can not be enough in some cases.

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