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Suggestions For The Orcs/Humanoid Creatures In The Trailer

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So my Suggestion is about the orcs/humanoid that appeared in the trailer (i will just call it orcs so its easier)

Maybe make it an NPC for an Mission or maybe a special rare drop
if it would be an NPC maybe they would spawn in a orc village/pre-existing ruins 

Or maybe if you die, after a certain time your body will transform into that orc/humanoid creature
And if you accidently like leave a piece of armour/tool/weapon on your corpse the orc will take the armour/weapon/tool  and be able to use it

Maybe it could also be tamed
but maybe you could do that you need the special rare drop to tame it and it could kinda be used like a stronger mantis, where you can put weapons in his hands, you could reüse most part of the script for the mantis for it (i think)

There would be 2 varietients A Bow Varietion and a Melee, The Bow orc if tamed You can give him/her a bow(maybe a conpound bow) and arrows and you can set it on like a turret mode and it will attack anyone near. and the Melee one Would be able to use melee and there is an option to make a path bassicly you can make a path and he will follow the path and kill if any creature is close to him

Thanks for reading my suggestion! 

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On 9/16/2021 at 2:02 PM, DILONG said:

My own personal theory on these guys is that they’re either the corrupted humans that Rockwell was trying to create on Genesis or possibly even Nameless that were artificially evolved as Rockwell’s superior competitor to the human survivors.

Second that along with a third option which is that they're just native inhabitants of the planet the Genesis ship crashes into/lands on.

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