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ARK: Survival Evolved now on Stadia!

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- Base game is free for pro paid for non pro.

- Also even if you update servers to latest and make them accept crossplay you still wont see them in the unofficial list. I am sure they are working on it give them time :). Just like any other game that launches not everything works right off the bat.

- Once Unofficial list is fixed hopefully. I assume servers with mods wont show up or wont work but I am not too sure. Because Stadia does not have mod support yet but they said plan to add mod support.

- Future DLCs and ARK 2 will be on Stadia aswell.

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You guys screwed over your Steam playerbase ever since you ported the game to Epic and incorporated EOS, now it's impossible to connect properly to any servers, official or unofficial, not to mention Epic's incredibly shady data scraping they incorporate with it. This is just a kick in the teeth.
Either way, Stadia is a real bust, I appreciate the fact that WC wants to port the game to as many platforms as possible, but the game BARELY runs on consoles, is near-unplayable on the initial Xbox and PS4, and it should have waited for when the Series X and PS5 were available, which, it still runs really badly on, more of this R&D crunchtime should be put into making the game run as smoothly as possible on ALL platforms, even PC STILL has performance issues.

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