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Mantis can't harvest?

Message added by invincibleqc,

WC is aware of this issue and is looking into it:


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I totally wasn't aware of this issue and went boppin over to ext to farm a vein or 2 and after finishing a 50 realized my mantis has been castrated. 

Well fortunately for me I had my trusty pick axe and managed to salvage almost 800 ele but that is nothing to what I would have gotten.

Why oh why can't we NOT break things that already work? I LOVE my stryders but I don't want to haul one around everywhere. I like my mantises that

We've bred up and I would LOVE to use them. It's being researched. that's GREAT and our evo weekend is draining away while you do it! 

Guess this is one way to herd everyone to gen2.

(and I don't need fanbois telling me it's great, we bought gen day1 it was avail, I love genesis dlc, but let the other :poop: work too! omg)

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On 9/2/2021 at 2:11 AM, Herbapou said:

On xbox and Mantis are working like before, but they are affected by electric shocks at shards on CI, they were unaffected before.

That being said, I would love stryders to be able to gather shards on CI.

Same ,  i want stryders to work on CI shards too but WC DOESNT! They want only gen to persist. They dont even care about about SE, Ab and Ext (maybe ab a bit with the drakes but nah just so that they can nerf the non canon maps) so why would they care about CI, an afterall 'free' map? I hope you get where this is going. ;V

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