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What are the "actual" recommended devices for playing ARK on mobile?


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When I went to the appstore, the ARK Mobile game description says "This game officially supports iPhone 7 and newer models, and iPad models from 2015 to present."

I'm running a 2018 iPad model. And it is crashing every 10-20 minutes of gameplay. And now, after months of playing, built many base on single player, it crashed whenever I loaded my single player. This is embarrassing yet annoying. I asked my friend that play ARK mobile as well, he's running an iPhone XR, he did receive the same crashing issue. Like, come on, I won't pay $4.99 a month for this.

So what is the "ACTUAL" recommended device for playing ARK on mobile? I'm talking about iOS devices. No I'm not touching android anymore. Do I need a super super high end models like the iPhone 12? Or the late lates iPad Pro to play this game "undisturbed"?

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