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pvp THRIVE: ANARCHY - Launching Friday, Aug. 27 (PvP - No Rules - All Maps)


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Tired of unofficial clusters with overbearing rules and abusive admins?
Just want to play the game?
Join THRIVE: ANARCHY - Launching this Friday, Aug. 27 on PS4.
We're a PvP cluster with all maps and an active Discord. We're moderately boosted and aiming to provide an "official feel" server with some quality-of-life improvements:
  • We've improved wild dino spawn levels on the story Arks (Island, Scorched Earth, Aberration, Extinction) to match the spawns on community maps (Center, Ragnarok, Valguero, Crystal Isles).
  • We've adjusted boss fight drops to include mutagel and a chance for select blueprints, as well as evening out the element rewards for maps that had poor risk:reward ratios (Center, Ragnarok).
  • Most boss tributes have been replaced by Bushberry seeds, which can be farmed from any Alpha creatures, to alleviate the disproportionate tribute farming on some maps (Looking at you, Center Arena).
  • Quality of life adjustments have been made to certain crafting recipes (removing spoiled meat from narcotics, etc.)
  • Many DLC creatures have been added to select, lore-friendly locations on other maps.
  • Unique Tribe Bank system - no admin appointments or queue times required. Every tribe registered on the Discord receives a room assignment on the Bank server with a unique pin code for access. The Bank server allows you to transfer items out at any time but ONLY allows you to transfer items/tames into the server once a week on Sundays (to prevent tribes from trying to live out of the Bank).
  • Admins only interact with players via the Bank server and never join the PvP maps for any reason (barring extraordinary circumstances, ex: to fix "breed bombing," etc. - and records and posts these interactions as videos for all to see what was done).
  • Admin logging is turned on and logs are automatically posted to the Discord via bot.
Don't just survive. THRIVE.
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