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There is a way to fix it, but its not all that practical:

1.  Back up the files in the folder "GenesisSavedArksLocal" and "LocalProfiles". (Make sure you do this correctly incase something goes wrong)

2.  Install the mod "StructureSaver2".

3.  Go on your world and use the structure saver item to save all structures, creatures, and items on the map.

4.  Upload your character.

5.  Delete your Genesis save, make a new one, and log in with your character.

6.  Place down the structure restorer item, and restore your base.


The impracticality of this is that after a while, it will glitch out again requiring you to do this process each time it does so.

Also since mission progress is tied to the map, and not the player, it will erase all mission progress. There are some commands out there that allow you to instantly complete a mission that you start, but you won't have accurate scores.

And the last thing is the glitches. While you can just use a command to get them, the actual glitches in the world will stay.


EDIT: You can also use this method on Extinction to fix the dome not loading in bug. Its more practical over there since you don't need to worry about the missions and glitches.

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