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your game is slowly dying .


whats going on in the pvp servers is really not ok man lightining wyverns with tons of melee in it and 40k hp that would 1 shot you and you wont even react and you cant do something to it wyverns they dont get z'd or netted like bro? what is this , and why manas get netted when they r the only counter to wyverns , shadow manes so broken bro like u need to add more time for the right click or anything you need to nerf this dino so much its breaking the game , rhinos are now useless why do they get netted like this dino is such fun and counterable so why this much hate to the wooly? astro dolphins they were a big counter to lightining wyvern meta now u guys nerfed it whats the point of the astro now? , small tribes meta is aids right now everyone is caging man like you cant have fun at all add /kill or tab kill , please bring back old rhino meta back and thanks

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look at syntac. you think ark is dying for him? no, it isnt. the pvp aspect of the game is lacking and unbalanced, yes. i dont understand much in the pvp cluster, but what i do understand is that just because people are raging ab the pvp multiplayers, doesnt mean ark itself is dying. i'd be willing to bet most, if not all, of the people who play ark bought it because, "oh look! cool dino game!" as opposed to "ah yes, i would like to tryhard in the online scenario and not enjoy sp at all" people might leave if ark doesnt get a pvp do-over, yes, but a vast majority of players will still remain to enjoy sp, pve and local.


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