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Looking for Tribe Steam PvP 1x


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Looking for a tribe on 1x official pvp. Quit the game 2 years ago(before Genesis was released).
Char IGN with alts: Lee (was Lei but that character got deleted)
Steam ID with alts: 76561198904365885
AGE: 24
Region: Oceania (Australia)
Experience on ark official 1x & smalls: Base/tp defense, server grief, fighting in large numbers. I've done everything before genesis came out.
Past tribes & how it ended: My last tribe from 2 years ago was called EC, we owned 3 servers with about 30-40 active players. Was in the tribe for about a year. I left the tribe and quit the game because of 2 toxic admins being on a power trip. Just straight up left, was begged to come back.
Hours: over 6k
What you want from a tribe: An established tribe with alot of active members that actually do regular PvP & aren't just a fresh tribe currently building up. I like to raise large amount of PvP dinos so must also have great lines. Easy access to recourses would be a plus I enjoy farming.

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