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Lost Tames on Transfer Official

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Hi, I recently grabbed all my tames (3 cryofridges full) and went to transfer. After pressing transfer, I waited some time, nothing appeared to happen so I hit circle and reopened the transmitter and hit transfer a second time, game froze and then an error msg was displayed (timed out). I quit the server, went to the server I transferred to, spawned my character and he appeared but his inventory was empty... I saved the video.


What should I do about this? Is there any recourse to get my tames back?



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7 minutes ago, Ganelon said:

I recently had something similar with items in transfer. First time loosing anything in a transfer.

I had filled the transfer storage to max, and some of the items went poof. Possible max storage causing it?

Dunno... just a heads up. When it comes to tames... I exclusively transfer by cryo and in my person.

the game will easily allow you to hold more than 300 items when shifting whole inventories of pods.  Anything over 300 goes poof.  

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