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 iron out all the bugs on regular (walmart brand or something a normal person could have) computers then stress test them with bots. not the high end gaming PC's. dont release ark 2 until its DONE. (dlc not included, obviously, but fr all of the bugs you guys have is ridiculous. they make the game unplayable and thus unenjoyable..) 

for instance, there was a BIG bug last update that made cryopods unusable for anyone on PC without immediately crashing their game, which in turn essentially locked them out of EVERY dino they had in a pod, which is usually most of them.

imagine playing for hours then realizing that every dino you had was basically gone forever for no reason? infuriating and it was avoidable.

im not trying to sound rude and im sure you are all working hard to fix this and lete everyone have their dinos back from the currently unusable cryopods. im just upset.

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ok everyone should have hopes and dreams but just look at the trackrecord from wildcard over all these years and just see it realistic.

ark2 will come out with broken mechanics and filled with bugs. on top of that you can be nearly sure that it will have immediately the same problems with duping, meshing and cheating as it has nowadays.

also dont be so delusional to think you will get a better support or communication from them.

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unfortunaately youre probably right. however with vin diesel on board and everything going on with the studio, im hoping that they somehow get their poop together and putout a game with no major bugs and better firewalls that a normal person could play. i mean honestly, the hardest part about ark wasnt the grinding, it was not knowing if you could get into your server, or playing without things (rocks, trees, literally everything outside of a radius from your character including the bigass mountain pillars in scorched earth)  loading in after a certain distance traveled or just going invisible (like beehives, bees and rocks that you inevitably get stuck on).

point is, this is a chance for them to shape up. they have the funding, the celebrities and the fanbase. all they gotta do is be smart and work the bugs out. no "day one mega patch" bullpoop.

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they always had the funding and a fanbase. 

its also not about that you cant fail sometimes. ok you fail with stuff that you need to patch or hard nerf it multiple times, only to do the same fail directly again in the next dlc. that is the problem that exist.

also how to trust someone that tells you since years they will change and do better and still give a poop about most stuff.


you can also see how out of order they are that they even tried to start to hype it up (with also such a clunky and bad trailer) before they even had the last dlc out (where everybody was waiting for) for their current game

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