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tek Tek Binoculars


I think, the Tek Binoculars have a lot of reasons to be in every map, not just in "Genesis part 1", what reason, because it's really hard to get them, and we need to farm a lot of Exagons to reach the lot creates. So I invited to all the players to start a petition for make this possible, its gonna be great can transfer to any map, cause that binoculars are so useless to anyone in every map, not just to saw dinos level or other stats, it would be used like a GPS, map and night vision goggles. I know we can reach this together like a great community we are.

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if you have lucky you obtain blueprint and you have ability take binocular to other map.  Next. binocular is a unfinished item in ark. nightmode not work, zomm is buged, (backroll for zoom frontroll for unzoom. is a unusable on mounts and skiff.  binocular is a good item but need more develop and repairs. why this item not in tegrams? i dont know.


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