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Advice on a few remaining missions


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This is a follow up to 



I finally got to 167 missions, out of 168 missions required for the alpha BOSS. I am looking for a last mission that is doable to unlock it. Here is my situation



Spider race Beta [I never manager to do it, but my friend did, so I asked him to do it for me]
Spider Race Alpha [I never manager this as well, but my friend did, though it was not easy at all for him as well]
Arena Alpha:

We tried with flak armors, with armor and durability around 100 per piece, in 6: got wrecked.


Arena Alpha: Same as bog, much worse

Fishing Alpha: I knew there was a bug for which only 15 fish were spawning, was that fixed? This is very difficult for me to try, because I am not fast enough to read and type. Maybe I could try with a person that reads the letters while i concentrate on the keyboard, however for beta there was still another issue: fish do not come! Here you ned to do more that one fish per minute, so you cannot wait fopr that 30 seconds for each fish. If you need to kill the fish at beginnign to make them respawn on top of this, I see it very hard to be able to complete the mission on time


Arena Alpha: First 2 rounds with fabricated pistol require too much time, as the damage is not enough


Arena Alpha: same as bog, much worse

Giga Alpha: I was finding a video for this to be done with tyalcoleos, we did the first 2 stages without problems, however the last stage, with rexes, creates some problems for 2 reasons. First, rex roar unmounts you from thyla, this means you pretty much die if this happens. Can be avoided by having someone approach them as first one that is not the person on thyla. Second issue is the time. it is really hard to take off all of them is such a short time, even with the powerful bleeding ability fo the thyla. (BTW, they didn't nerf it right? Cause it already looked pretty much impossible like it was when the ability was added....). On top of this, the video was on PVE, on PVP, with cryo sickness, one needs to have many people to open many thyla, or maybe onecan find a way to carry many thylas already opened on a skiff....


Megalodon Theet Alpha: we did most ocean hunt misisons using gigas in water with megachelon below to make them breath. Is was ok since in hunt missions you onyl have 3 points where you need to make damage. This means giga does not need to mvoe in water, just attack. For this one this technique does not work, as gigas run out of stamina. Suggestions? Again, time is crucial here

Dolphin Alpha: in all other biomes we did escort missions using gigas. Here is not possible (see above), and pretty much any acquatic creature does not make enough damage, on top that are more dificult to handle, as the environment is no more 2D like on land, but 3D, so enemies can approach from any direction in 3D. Even with a high damage output, I still see this very difficult to be done.

Turtle Escort Alpha: like above, just 10 times worse probably, from what I remember of the beta ones

All my comments above are based on my last attempts to the misisons that were done around february this year. I don't know if there have been any changes since then. Any help would be much appreaciated


NOTE: we play on unofficial server, where nobody has dinos like the ones you can find on official, like 1000% gigas. So consider solutions like: you need a dino with 100 points in damage and health as a last resort, and not really helpful....

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