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Community Crunch 279: New Creature Submission, Community Corner, and More!


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Behind the scenes, we've been busy with the upcoming Lost Island map, new creatures, stability patches, and much more. With the live-game, we've identified an issue that results in a crash when releasing tames from cryopods on Player Dedicated and clients on Win10. We are working on a resolution and hope to have more news early next week!


The recent voting process for the Lost Island creature submission was not only fun and engaging for the community, we engaged and had fun with it internally as well.  With that said, we'd love to do it again!

If you missed your chance to participate in the creature submission process you haven't lost your opportunity!  We'll be opening up the entire process (submission of ideas, upvoting of ideas, narrowing to a top 10, and commencing a final vote) later this year for a creature that will be added to the game!

We're excited to see the art and ideas from another creature submission process! 🎨📝





There will be no EVO event this weekend.




Creator: Syntac

Tag along with Syntac on a brand new adventure.  He's kicking tings off with a community made map by Nekatus named Fjordur (or is it Fjördur?)

Creator: Raasclark

Raasclark brings you another Top 10 list to debate about!  What are the top 10 creatures worth breeding mutations for?


[Commission gift] Nemi and Voidwyrm by MayaPatch


Therizinosaurus Time by Epossum


Tyrannosaurus is Bathing by suzuki.ulya


The Red Obelisk (Discord Submission) by JaxoJ#8855


甘えん坊 by @sis_6193


Allosaurus by DynamiteSkye









See you next week!
Studio Wildcard

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I'd been hoping that there would be another evo weekend... I'm working on breeding projects and the 8-hour gestations are killing me. Mammals get no love... Can we at least get a handheld ultrasound thing or something so we can look at baby mammals before they're born? I also have a buttload of cloning to do and the 19-hour timers suck.

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As long as you don't turn it into another popularity contest like the first one I'm cool with another vote, otherwise making the same mistake twice is just asking for trouble. I can say for certainty that peeps (myself included) were not happy about it the first time, so we definitely won't be happy about it a second time.


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Where do I send my idea for new Dino?


to the people upset about the last vote... do you honestly believe another Rex/giga was more important than a gun toten, grenade tossing baboon that never existed before? 

do you guys not have access to top stat boss killing rexs or something?

Edited by Zerkins
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9 minutes ago, Zerkins said:

do you guys not have access to top stat boss killing rexs or something?

Having big theropods doesn't mean we can't want some new big theropods. When all I had was an allo, it didn't stop me from taming a rex. When I had my semi-alright rexes and spotted an opportunity to get a weak, low-level, but still a giga, having rexes didn't stop me from getting that giga. You may argue that the baboon is also new and exciting, but, well, it's possible to dislike primates but still want something new, and in that case a "monke" won't cut it, no matter what it can do.

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