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Dinosaurs living in herds

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On 8/3/2021 at 6:27 PM, Oskai10 said:

In ARK 1, all creatures live alone or in very small groups. That is true for some species but fir other it is not.

It would be super cool to see a large group of triceratops traveling across the map. Not just 2 or 3 like in ARK 1, but maybe 20 or 30. 

Yeah, I agree. But performance wise i think its somewhat a problem. Though I would like the maps to be a lot bigger and not have a pile-up of all kinds of dinosaurs everywhere. Thats what I dislike about Ark1. Its like a constant battle everywhere and so damn crowded. Raptors chasing phomias but dodos dont care at all if there are raptors close by unless they get hit... It makes no sense. So I would like to see bigger maps, less crowded areas so there is space for realistic things like herds, or normal behavior like "danger sensing" in herbivores...

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