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rewards Better Purple/Legendary OSD Loot to make them worth it!


It is largely agreed that Red Orbital Supply Drops (from Extinction) are better than Purple ones both because of the certain loot that they include and because of the much better loot that is given in regards to the time spent on the OSD. They're also easier and faster. Purple OSDs, combined with corrupted creatures not showing up to the OSD (as described here by another fellow survivor: )

could be improved to have better loot for the lengthy time spent on doing a large number of difficult waves. The mentioned issue also makes it near-impossible to do purple OSDs solo as if you go too far to hunt down the creatures that didn't show up, the OSD (or vein) may despawn, and splitting loot is difficult as there's limited items of any value. There also aren't enough items in the loot table resulting in a player getting all the items in the loot table after only a few runs of the OSD which, whilst it is fine for lower difficulty OSDs, should not be the case for the hardest one. 


Firstly, here is what I think should be added to Purple OSDs:

- Deinonychus Saddle
- Giga Saddle
- Hazard Suit Shirt
- Hazard Suit Pants
- Hazard Suit Boots
- Hazard Suit Gloves
- Desert Cloth Goggles & Hat
- Desert Cloth Shirt
- Desert Cloth Pants
- Desert Cloth Boots
- Desert Cloth Gloves
- Fur Cap
- Fur Chestpiece
- Fur Leggings
- Fur Boots
- Fur Gauntlets
- Velonasaur Saddle
- Broth of Enlightenment
- Mantis Saddle
- Rock Golem Saddle
- TEK Trough
- Megalodon TEK Saddle
- Mosasaur TEK Saddle
- TEK Dedicated Storage
- Megalosaurus Saddle
- Yutyrannus Saddle
- Snow Owl Saddle
- Tropeognathus Saddle
- TEK Generator
- Flamethrower
- (Journeyman & Higher) Metal Pick 
- (Journeyman & Higher) Metal Hatchet
- Medical Brew
- Basilosaurus Saddle
- Basilisk Saddle
- Tusoteuthis Saddle
- Cryofridge
- TEK Forcefield


Secondly, here is what I think should be replaced in the Purple OSD loot table:
- Bronto Saddle -> Bronto Platform Saddle
- Quetzal Saddle -> Quetzal Platform Saddle
- Tapejara Saddle -> Tapejara TEK Saddle


Thirdly, here is what I think should be removed from Purple OSDs (whilst still trying to balance the amount of 'not as good items' to 'very good items'):
- Megalania Saddle
- Arthropleura Saddle

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