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How to beat alpha ferox solo easy

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I thought the netting was disabled.

I did the beta with my Rex this morning (35k 400 melee asc saddle 124) note: the Rex was actually at 31k when I started the mission

Yeah... I needed to fly overhead and use the shottie down on it. Rex was down to about 20k by the end of the dealio. 

I imagine the Alpha would be nasty. Like a little boss fight.


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Netting has been disabled for awhile, I just have gigas chomp the ferox, shadowmane, and velons. It's the maewing poach, bulbdog fetch, and paracer missions that are especially hard after losing the ability to net predators (such a dumb change). I play on a modded server so we have a cheese option available, but you don't have that in vanilla. Can't even imagine trying to beat those legit in vanilla now. 

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