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Just wanted to let anyone know Highlanders, Wicked, & Norsemen still bully people here. They have renamed themselves the Order of 9 and Roughnecks & are allied. They will ‘ask’ you to join them but if you decline they hop on to their alt accounts and raid you. They of course deny any accusation of such, but hey I don’t blame them they gotta good thing going might as well take advantage. The Order of 9/Roughnecks then go blaming the ‘troll’ tribes and try to coerce you into joining them even though they just raided you. On top of that when your being raided they are no where to be found for assistance even if your an ally. (They act like they are the protectors of Crossark9). Also while ‘troll’ tribes are out and about Order of 9 & Roughneck bases are unscathed. Sure maybe a small base of theirs is destroyed or an outpost is too, but they just do that for show. Any of their established bases haven’t been touched. If you could look at their bullet count in their turrets they probably haven’t lost any. This is like this on all maps. Cross ark9 is just a huge proxy war. These ‘good’ alpha tribes let you build here for months and then when they believe you have built up a lot they try to make you join or die. Either way your stuff becomes theirs. This official server is exploited very badly due to people having alt accounts. I highly recommend starting on a different server.

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