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Biome Update, The Center Contest and Xbox Patch 736!


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Hey Survivors!

Earlier this month in a Community Crunch we announced that later on we would be making some very large biome changes to The Island. Part of this change would be introducing a new zone, known as the Redwood Forest and also slightly expanding the size of the Snow Biome.

This is a map you can use to help identify the areas where The Island will receive some changes and it’s makeover.


The blue area represents the new size of the Snow Biome. The orange area represents the location of the new Redwood Biome and the green-area represents part of the Swamp that is also being turned into Redwood.

Something we will always try to avoid is making drastic map changes as we know it can be unsettling for players to have to be concerned about relocating their base, however in some cases we have to go ahead and make those changes for the development of the game. We apologize if this does cause any inconvenience and we really hope you enjoy the upcoming biome changes!

Whilst we prepare for launching the new biomes we said we’d be updating the in-game environment with 3D Markers to help indicate areas that will be undergoing change. These markers will be brought into the game on Wednesday and here’s what you can expect them to look like! 


That’ll give you an idea of whether you need to make any plans to move or not :)

CONTEST: The Center Boss Fight!


For Official server The Center players, we're giving away $1000 cash in a special contest!

$500 to the first Xbox tribe and another $500 to the first PC tribe to beat both bosses on an Official PVP server!

Screenshot proof of the pause menu in the boss arena including server name, as well as the items received from defeating the bosses must be provided! You can upload your images to our forums, and write a comment down below with the screenshots. Good luck!

Xbox Patch 736!

Don’t worry guys! It’s been submitted and it’s currently going through QA/Certification! As soon as we know the status of it, we will let you know and roll the patch out. We are very grateful your patience and as soon as we can your games will be updated with the latest fixes from the patch! To check out the full-notes, you can head to our patch-notes thread:

‘Evolve’ by Nerd Out!

The awesome dudes over at Nerd Out made this fantastic song and video about ARK! We’re absolutely in love with it - check it out!

That’s all for today guys! We’ve got a big patch to prepare for now! 

All the best,

Wildcard Jat and the ARK: Survival Evolved Team.

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27 minutes ago, EvilChaosDX said:

I'm a little bit confused by the borders. Surely anything outside the red is safe, so what is the need of the green borders? Wouldn't they be directly attached to the red borders? Which they don't seem to be in your images.

Anyone able to clear this up?

The green borders are actually just the other side of the red border, so that you know you're on the "safe" side -- otherwise it might not necessarily be obvious which side is which ;)

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The redwood would be terrifying at night.imagine giant wooden spires all around you,stomping in the distance,and a roaring in the darkness.Then,at the moment you beleive your safe,a raptor charges in from the veil of black hell and rips out your eyes before tearing open your stomach and pulling out your intestines

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2 hours ago, Tomtoyer said:

OMG! I can't wait more for this!! :D

But i have a question! I know that one of the dinosaurs that living in redwoods is the moschops. And surely other existing dinosaur in ARK. But what dinosaur, appart from the moschops, we will see in the redwoods? (I say a dinosaur that appear only in that biome)

Probably Thylacoleo, because it will have the ability to climb trees.

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